Origin : Late Roman,

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Clarus Expression, Clarus Soul Urge, Clarus Inner Dream

Numerology information Clarus:

  • Name Number: 2. Meaning: Partnership, Sense, Other, Passive, Assistance, Acceptance, Intimacy, Peace

Additional information Clarus:

  • Masculine Latin form of CLARA. This was the name of several early saints.

Songs about Clarus:

  • Clarus by Veetacore from the Album The Settling
  • Clarus by Jssst from the Album Clarus
  • Clarus by Jssst from the Album Live for Ever
  • Clarus by Jssst from the Album Futura, Vol. 2 [Explicit]
  • Clarus by Jssst from the Album Best of Jssst Records 2014
  • Clarus by Light Bearer from the Album Silver Tongue
  • Clarus Ex Luna by Jack Stark from the Album Xalesis
  • Clarus Ortu - Gloriosa mater by Orlando Consort, Robert Harre Jones, Charles Daniels, Angus Smith, Don Grieg from the Album Popes & Antipopes: Music for the Courts of Avignon & Rome
  • Hymn Iv: Clarus Terminus by Be Not Idle in Preparation of Thy Doom from the Album Sermons From the Unwelcome / Saturnine Malediction

Books about Clarus:

  • Growing Up Western: Recollections by Dee Brown, A.B. Guthrie, Jr., David Lavender, Wright Morris, Clyde Rice,... - Apr 1991 by Clarus Backes
  • Growing Up Western: Recollections of a Time Gone By - Feb 3, 1990 by Clarus Backes and Larry McMurtry
  • Tomorrow Leaves - Jan 1, 1993 by Clarus B Harris
  • Clarus! Grundwortschatz Latein, Lernkarten (DIN A8) in Lernbox -
  • Clarus Saga: Clari Fabella... (Icelandic Edition) - Nov 26, 2011 by Anonymous
  • Clarus Saga: Clari Fabella (1879) (Hebrew Edition) - Feb 22, 2010 by Gustaf Cederschiold
  • Clarus Saga: Clari Fabella (1879) (Icelandic Edition) - Sep 10, 2010 by Gustaf Cederschiold
  • Clarus Concept of Operations - Jul 20, 2012 by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), D
  • Irish Criminal Justice: Theory, Process and Procedure - Oct 1, 2010 by Vickey Conway and Yvonne Daly
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Movies about Clarus:

  • Aventure Malgache (DVD) Drama (1944) 32 Minutes ~ Starring: Paul Bonifas, Paul Clarus, Jean Dattas, Andre Frere...

Wiki information Clarus:

  • Epargyreus clarus
    Biological Species, Organism Classification

    The Silver-spotted Skipper is a butterfly of the family Hesperiidae. It is claimed to be the most recognized skipper in North America.

  • Phidippus clarus
    Organism Classification

    Phidippus clarus is a species of jumping spider found in old fields throughout eastern North America. It often waits upside down near the top of a plant, which may be useful for detecting prey, and then quickly jumps down before the prey can escape....

  • Claros
    Place of worship historical use, Location, Dated location

    Claros was an ancient Greek sanctuary on the coast of Ionia. It contained a temple and oracle of Apollo, honored here as Apollo Clarius. It was located on the territory of Colophon, one of the twelve Ionic cities, twelve kilometers to the north. The...

  • Dogcow

    The dogcow, also known as Clarus the Dogcow, is a bitmapped image first introduced by Apple. It is the shape of a dog, originally created in 1983 as part of the Cairo font by Susan Kare as the glyph for “z.” That image was later chosen for the Mac OS...

  • Clarus
    Organization, Business Operation, Employer

  • Trichopsocus clarus
    Organism Classification

    Trichopsocus clarus is a species of Psocoptera from Trichopsocidae family that can be found in United Kingdom and Ireland. It can also be found on Azores, Canary Islands, in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Madeira, Poland, Portugal, Spain,...

  • Conus clarus
    Biological Species, Organism Classification

    Conus clarus, common name the glossy cone, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Conidae, the cone snails and their allies. Like all species within the genus Conus, these snails are predatory and venomous. They are...

  • Gaius Septicius Clarus
    Man, Person

    Gaius Septicius Clarus, was a prefect of the Roman imperial bodyguard, known as the Praetorian Guard and influential as a friend and supporter of famous Silver Age authors Pliny the Younger and Suetonius.

  • Clarus
    Musical Recording, Canonical Version

  • Nassarius clarus
    Organism Classification

    Nassarius clarus is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Nassariidae, the Nassa mud snails or dog whelks.

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