Meaning : From The Netherlands, From the Netherlands,

Origin : English,

Pronunciation : DUCH  ,

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Dutch Expression, Dutch Soul Urge, Dutch Inner Dream

Numerology information Dutch:

  • Name Number: 2. Meaning: Partnership, Sense, Other, Passive, Assistance, Acceptance, Intimacy, Peace

Additional information Dutch:

  • German Meaning: The name Dutch is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Dutch is: A German.
  • From a nickname given to Americans of German descent. It is derived from Deutsch, the German word for the German people.

Definition funny of Dutch:

  • "I'ma finish you before I finish the dutch!"
  • were going dutch to the movies tonight.
  • Yo, I gotta go pick up a Dutch before we roll this shit
  • The Netherlands is an excellent example of Dutch ingenuity and genius, because most of the country is built on land reclaimed from the violent, storm-ridden North Sea.
  • Dutch is a lanuage, spoken by about 20 milion spread over The Netherlands, Belgium and the Netherlands antilles.
  • ) I speak Dutch. 2) I am Dutch. 3) To go out on a date and split the bill. 4) "Kaap the goede hoop." -> Cape of good hope. Place where the merchanting ships of the V.O.C (Dutch East Indian Trading Company) had her ships take pitt stops.) = Most Southern point of South Africa. 5) The way villa's were built in South Africa for the Dutch colonies. Dutch is Dutch for Dutch. --> "Nederlands is Nederlands voor Nederlands." Dutch is NOT german, just related to it, as well as its related to English.
  • Dutch widow (a prostitute).

Expression information Dutch:

  • People with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. They are trustworthy, respecting the confidences of others, and make excellent diplomats, mediators and partners. They are often very intuitive. They like detail and order, and often find change worrisome. They may sometimes feel insecure or restless.

Soul information Dutch:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They also yearn to have beauty around them in their home and work environment.

Songs about Dutch:

  • Ned's Big Dutch Wife - Dave's True Story
  • Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith from the Album Double Dutch Bus
  • Bomb Intro/Pass That Dutch (Explicit Album Version) [Explicit] by Missy Elliott from the Album This Is Not A Test! (U.S. Explicit Version) [Explicit]
  • Lucky Dutch by Radio Moscow from the Album Radio Moscow
  • Double Dutch (Instrumental) by Stephen the Levite from the Album Can I Be Honest? (Instrumental Version)
  • Bomb Intro/Pass That Dutch (Amended Album Version) by Missy Elliott from the Album This Is Not A Test! (U.S. Amended Version) [Clean]
  • Double Dutch Bus (Original 12) by Frankie Smith from the Album Double Dutch Bus
  • Dutch House Music Put Your Hands Up in the Air (feat. DJ Kito & DJ Erik) by Dj Moys from the Album Dutch House Music Put Your Hands Up in the Air (feat. DJ Kito & DJ Erik)
  • Pass The Dutch (Explicit) [feat. Shawt Dawg] by Young Money from the Album We Are Young Money (Explicit Version) [Explicit]
  • Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith from the Album Double Dutch Bus
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Books about Dutch:

  • Dutch: Learn Dutch In 7 Days! - The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of the Dutch Language In No Time - Apr 8, 2015 by Dagny Taggart
  • Dutch Part I - Mar 10, 2014 by Teri Woods and Dutch
  • Dutch: The First of a Trilogy (Dutch Trilogy) - Nov 1, 2003 by Teri Woods
  • Learn Dutch - Word Power 101 - Dec 20, 2011 by Innovative Language and Innovative Language
  • Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan - Oct 24, 2000 by Edmund Morris
  • Dutch II. Angel's Revenge (Dutch Trilogy) - Mar 2005 by Teri Woods
  • Am I small? Ben ik klein?: Children's Picture Book English-Dutch (Bilingual Edition) - Jan 2, 2014 by Philipp Winterberg and Nadja Wichmann
  • Een Zoektocht Van Helden (Boek #1 In De Tovenaarsring) (Dutch Edition) - Apr 19, 2014 by Morgan Rice
  • Dutch For Dummies - Jan 24, 2012 by Margreet Kwakernaak
  • Basic Dutch: A Grammar and Workbook (Grammar Workbooks) - Apr 16, 2009 by Jenneke Oosterhoff
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Movies about Dutch:

  • Dutch1991 PG-13 CC
  • Discovering the Dutch2010 NR CC
  • Dutch1991 PG-13
  • Gardens of the World A COLOURFUL DUTCH GARDEN2007 NR CC
  • The Dutch Masters - Bosch2014 NR
  • Global Gourmet Dutch Cheese Salad, Boudin, Scallops & Banana Fritters2009 NR CC
  • The Dutch Masters - Rembrandt (2006)2006 NR
  • The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance2008 NR
  • Global Gourmet Dutch Tomato Soup, Nasi Goreng, Deep Fried Seafood Roll & English Plum Tart2009 NR CC
  • Dutch Influence2013 NR CC
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Wiki information Dutch:

  • Dutch Language
    Netflix Genre, , Human Language, Literature Subject

    Dutch is a West Germanic language that is spoken in the European Union by about 23 million people as a first language—including most of the population of the Netherlands and about sixty percent of that of Belgium—and by another 5 million as a second...

  • Dutch people
    Ethnicity in fiction, Ethnicity

    The Dutch, occasionally referred to as Netherlanders, a term that is cognate to the Dutch word for Dutch people, "Nederlanders" are a Germanic ethnic group native to the Netherlands. They share a common culture and speak the Dutch language. Dutch...

  • Netherlands national football team
    Sports Team, Identity, Football team, Tournament Team

    The Netherlands national football team represents the Netherlands in international association football. It is controlled by the Royal Netherlands Football Association, the governing body for football in the Netherlands. The team is colloquially...

  • Dutch East Indies
    Country, Location, Statistical region, Dated location, Art Subject

    The Dutch East Indies was a Dutch colony that became modern Indonesia following World War II. It was formed from the nationalised colonies of the Dutch East India Company, which came under the administration of the Dutch government in 1800. During...

  • Dutch Top 40
    Recurring event

    The Dutch Top 40 is a weekly music chart compiled by Stichting Nederlandse Top 40. It started as a radio program titled "Veronica Top 40", on the offshore station Radio Veronica in 1965. It remained "The Veronica Top 40" until 1974, when the station...

  • MegaCharts
    Music industry Organization, Organization

    MegaCharts, since 2008 called GfK Dutch Charts, is a chart company responsible for the composition and exploitation of a broad collection of official charts in the Netherlands, of which the Single Top 100 and the Album Top 100 are the most known...

  • Dutch Empire
    Military Combatant

    The Dutch Empire comprised the overseas territories controlled by the Dutch Republic and, later, the modern Netherlands from the 17th century to the mid-1950s. The Dutch followed Portugal and Spain in establishing an overseas colonial empire. For...

  • Royal Dutch Shell
    Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction Business, Organization founder, Ship owner, Aircraft Owner, Identity, Organization, Business Operation, Asset Owner, Employer, Ranked item

    Royal Dutch Shell plc, commonly known as Shell, is an Anglo–Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom. Created by the merger of Royal Dutch Petroleum and UK-based Shell Transport &...

  • Dutch East India Company
    Defunct Organization, Business Operation, Organization, Name source, Architectural structure owner, Employer

    The United East Indian Company, referred to by the British as the Dutch East India Company, was originally established as a chartered company in 1602, when the Dutch government granted it a 21-year monopoly on Dutch spice trade. It is often...

  • Dutch Republic
    Country, Military Combatant, Dated location, Statistical region, Location

    The Dutch Republic, also known as the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, Republic of the United Netherlands or Republic of the Seven United Provinces, was a republic in Europe existing from 1581, when part of the Netherlands separated from...

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