Meaning : Home, Hearth,

Origin : Greek, Greek Mythology,

Pronunciation : HESS tee AH,

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Hestia Expression, Hestia Soul Urge, Hestia Inner Dream

Numerology information Hestia:

  • Name Number: 8. Meaning: Outer, Body, Physical, Ambition, Power, Progress, Career, Success, Respect, Fame, Means, Karma

Additional information Hestia:

  • Hestia is an uncommon baby girl's name of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Hestia was the virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, the family and the state.
  • Persian Meaning: The name Hestia is a Persian baby name. In Persian the meaning of the name Hestia is: Star.
  • Greek Meaning: The name Hestia is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Hestia is: Goddess of hearth and home.
  • Derived from Greek ‘εστια (hestia) "hearth, fireside". In Greek mythology Hestia was the goddess of the hearth and domestic activity.

Definition funny of Hestia:

  • Hestia is the virgin Greek goddess of the hearth and home.
  • Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite: Hestia is a queenly maid whom both Poseidon and Apollo sought to wed. But she was wholly unwilling, and stubbornly refused; and touching the head of father Zeus who holds the aegis, she, that fair goddess, swore a great oath which has in truth been fulfilled, that she would be a maiden all her days. So Zeus the Father gave her an high honor instead of marriage, and she has her place in the midst of the house and has the richest portion. In all the temples of the gods she has a share of honor, and among all mortal men she is chief of the goddesses.

Expression information Hestia:

  • People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.

Soul information Hestia:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.

Songs about Hestia:

  • Hestia - Katell Keineg
  • The Cosmic Powers: III. Hestia by Adrian Gagiu from the Album Orchestral Works
  • Flames of Hestia [Explicit] by One Reason to Kiss from the Album Believe [Explicit]
  • Hestia by Alexx Rubio from the Album Born In Mexico Vol. 2
  • Hestia by The Voices from the Album Etherean Voices - Voices Light as the Wind
  • Hestia by In Focus from the Album Olympians
  • Hestia by Clifford White from the Album The Gods of Olympus
  • Hestia by Borodin from the Album Hestia
  • Hestia by Katell Keineg from the Album ô Seasons ô Castles
  • Hestia by Electit from the Album 101 Psychedelic Trance Hits DJ Mix 2015
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Books about Hestia:

  • Hestia - Sep 4, 1979 by C. J. Cherryh
  • Hestia the Invisible (Goddess Girls) - Dec 1, 2015 by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams
  • Goddess at Home: Divine Interiors Inspired by Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hera, Hestia, & Persephone... - Jan 2003 by A. Bronwyn Llewellyn
  • Hestia Come Home - Apr 2001 by Jerrilee Cain and Robert A. Johnson
  • Pagan Meditations: The Worlds of Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia - Apr 14, 1998 by Ginette Paris
  • Mythology The Gods, Heroes, and Monsters of Ancient Greece (Ologies) - Aug 28, 2007 by Lady Hestia Evans and Dugald A. Steer
  • The Way of the Hedge Witch: Rituals and Spells for Hearth and Home - Apr 18, 2009 by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  • Corona Magazine 08/2015: August 2015 (German Edition) - Aug 5, 2015 by Verena Neubauer and Thorsten Walch
  • Hestia's Heritage (Code Imagination) (Volume 1) - May 6, 2014 by Fabienne Vlcan Sparks
  • The Mythology Handbook: A Course in Ancient Greek Myths - Mar 10, 2009 by Lady Hestia Evans and Dugald A. Steer
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Movies about Hestia:

  • Bastof Syndrome -13 - Moderato & Hestia2006 NR

Wiki information Hestia:

  • Hestia
    Deity, Name source, Book Character, Person Or Being In Fiction, Fictional Character

    In Ancient Greek religion, Hestia is a virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, and the state. In Greek mythology she is a daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Hestia received the first offering at every...

  • Vesta
    Deity, Name source

    Vesta is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman religion. Vesta's presence is symbolized by the sacred fire that burned at her hearth and temples. Her closest Greek equivalent is Hestia. The importance of Vesta to Roman religion...

  • 46 Hestia
    Asteroid, Astronomical Discovery, Orbital Relationship, Celestial Object, Star system body, Namesake

    46 Hestia is a large, dark main-belt asteroid. It is also the primary body of the Hestia clump, a group of asteroids with similar orbits. Hestia was discovered by N. R. Pogson on August 16, 1857, at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford. Pogson awarded...

  • Hestia
    Science Fiction Book, Work of Fiction, Written Work, Book

    Hestia is a 1979 science fiction novel by science fiction and fantasy author C. J. Cherryh. It is an early Cherryh novel about colonists on an alien world and their interactions with the catlike natives, centering on a young engineer sent to solve...

  • Operation Hestia

    Operation Hestia is the name of the Canadian Forces humanitarian response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake which struck Haiti on 12 January 2010. Operation Hestia is the military component of an interagency response that also involves Foreign Affairs and...

  • Giustiniani Hestia

    The Giustiniani Hestia is a finely-executed marble sculpture, a perhaps Hadrianic Roman copy of a Greek bronze of about 470 BCE, now in the Torlonia Collection, Rome, but named for its early owner, marchese Vincenzo Giustiniani. It is the only known...

  • Hestia Tapestry

    The Hestia Tapestry is a Byzantine tapestry, made in Egypt during the 6th century AD, and now in the in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection in Washington DC. It is a late representation of the goddess, who it identifies in Greek as “Hestia Polyolbos". Its...

  • Hestia Jones
    Fictional Character, Book Character

    Hestia Jones is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

  • Hestia
    Hardcover, Book Edition, Cataloged instance, Creative Work

  • Hestia
    Musical Release, Creative Work

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