Meaning : God is my Oath, God Is My Oath, My God is a vow, A name which has spawned over 51 forms (Isabelle, Isabella etc). It means 'God is perfection' or 'God is my oath'. However the element el - meaning God has been adapted to 'belle' meaning beautiful in various Latinate languages.,

Origin : Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, English, Hebrew,

Pronunciation : IS uh bell, ee-sah-BEL (Spanish), IZ-ə-bel (English), ee-za-BEL (French), ee-zah-BEL (German)  , (IHZahBEHL),

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Isabel Expression, Isabel Soul Urge, Isabel Inner Dream

Numerology information Isabel:

  • Name Number: 3. Meaning: Communication, Interaction, Friendship, Joy, Lightness, Humor, Art, Positivity, Optimism

Additional information Isabel:

  • Thought to be a Spanish version of Elizabeth coined by alterations made in the direction of a traditional Spanish name. Traveled on from Spain to France and then England in the Middle Ages. A royal name, borne by Queen Isabella of England in the 14th century, whose turbulent life included her orchestration of her husband, Edward II's murder.
  • Latin Meaning: The name Isabel is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Isabel is: My God is bountiful;God of plenty.
  • Isabel (a variation of Elizabeth -- kind of surprising, right?) is a less-popular version of Isabella, one of the top names in America right now. You’re also contending with equally trendy nicknames like Ella, Ellie, and Bella, so don’t think of this as your average barely-in-the-top-100 names. While it’s one of today’s most popular names, it’s also one of the most classic. Since the twelfth century, there have been so many Queen Isabellas that Wikipedia has an entire page devoted to them. After the 1880s though, the name and its variations took a nosedive on the charts -- when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman named their daughter Isabella in 1992, it didn’t crack the top 100…and even that was way up from mid-century, when it dropped down into 400 land. Since then it’s been steadily rising, with major jumps throughout the 2000s.
  • Medieval Occitan form of ELIZABETH. It spread throughout Spain, Portugal and France, becoming common among the royalty by the 12th century. It grew popular in England in the 13th century after Isabella of Angoulême married the English king John, and it was subsequently bolstered when Isabella of France married Edward II the following century. This is the usual form of the name Elizabeth in Spain and Portugal, though elsewhere it is considered a parallel name, such as in France where it is used alongside Élisabeth. The name was borne by two Spanish ruling queens, including Isabel of Castile, who sponsored the explorations of Christopher Columbus.

Definition funny of Isabel:

  • Person 1: "Ugh today is such a blahh day.." Person 2: "Oh I know! Lets go look for an Isabel! She can cheer us up!"
  • Risabel, Iiiiiisabel, NOT ISABELLE
  • "Isabel is such an amazing person, she just doesn't know it."
  • Example 1: awwww look at isabel wrapped up in her boyfriend's arms Example 2: hey doesn't isabel look hispanic to you
  • I can go to an Isabel for anything.
  • -What kind of deodorant is THAT, Isabel?!?! -Old Spice.
  • Isabel is awesome

Expression information Isabel:

  • People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. They tend to become involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.

Soul information Isabel:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.

Songs about Isabel:

  • Isabel - John Denver
  • María Isabel by Los Payos from the Album Serie 3x4 (Duo Dinamico, Los Payos, Los Diablos)
  • Así Fue (Album Version) [feat. Isabel Pantoja] by Juan Gabriel from the Album Los Dúo (Deluxe)
  • Sta. Isabel De Las Lajas by Grupo Niche from the Album Propuesta
  • Isabel by Luis Miguel from the Album Serie Verde- Luis Miguel
  • Mississippi Isabel by King Charles from the Album Mississippi Isabel
  • Oye, Isabel by The Iguanas from the Album Treme: Music From The HBO Original Series - Season 2 [+Digital Booklet]
  • Electricity (feat. Isabel Higuero) by Draper from the Album Electricity (feat. Isabel Higuero)
  • Isabel's Murder, Recollections Of Samuel by James Horner from the Album Legends Of The Fall Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Summer Night, Port Isabel Light by Marshall Styler from the Album Red River Crossing
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Books about Isabel:

  • A Balloon for Isabel - Apr 27, 2010 by Deborah Underwood and Laura Rankin
  • Isabel's Car Wash - Aug 1, 2011 by Sheila Bair and Judy Stead
  • Isabel: Jewel of Castilla, Spain 1466 (The Royal Diaries) - Jul 1, 2000 by Carolyn Meyer
  • Isabel - Mar 15, 2012 by OLIVARES,JAVIER
  • The Adventures of Isabel (A Poetry Speaks Experience) - Apr 1, 2008 by Ogden Nash and Bridget Taylor
  • El amante japonés: Una novela (Spanish Edition) - Sep 1, 2015 by Isabel Allende
  • Elusive Isabel - Aug 25, 2015 by Jacques Futrelle
  • The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration - Oct 4, 2011 by Isabel Wilkerson
  • The Japanese Lover: A Novel - Nov 3, 2015 by Isabel Allende
  • The Novel Habits of Happiness (Isabel Dalhousie) - Jul 21, 2015 by Alexander McCall Smith
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Movies about Isabel:

  • Isabel NR CC
  • The Reincarnation Of Isabel2009
  • Maria Isabel1966 PG
  • Isabel Pantoja: Sinfonia de La Copla2006 NR
  • Isabel : Primera Temporada
  • The Artist Toolbox - Isabel Allende2012 NR
  • The Zombie Collection1980 Unrated
  • Amos & Andy Show1981 NR by Jean Stapleton and Richard Kiley
  • The Artist Toolbox - Isabel & Ruben Toledo2012 NR
  • Sinking of Santa Isabel, The2006
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Famous about Isabel:

  • Isabel Marant - designer
  • Isabel Fuentes Whitman - character in Fools Rush In
  • Princess Isabelle (alt. spelling) - Countess of Paris
  • Isabel Allende - author
  • Isabel Archer - character in Portrait of a Lady

Wiki information Isabel:

  • Isabella I of Castile
    Monarch, Deceased Person, Name source, Person Or Being In Fiction, Noble person, Person

    Isabella I was Queen of Castille. She was married to Ferdinand II of Aragon. Their marriage became the basis for the political unification of Spain under their grandson, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. After a struggle to claim her right to the throne,...

  • Shakira
    Latin pop Artist, Person or entity appearing in film, Film editor, Broadcast Artist, Film writer, Record Producer, Award Winner, Film actor, Ranked item, Topic

    Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model. Born and raised in Barranquilla, she began performing in school, demonstrating Latin, Arabic, and rock and roll influences and belly...

  • Isabel Pantoja
    Singer, Broadcast Artist, Musician, Topic, Film actor, Person or entity appearing in film, Person, TV Personality, Musical Artist, TV Actor

    María Isabel Pantoja Martín is a contemporary Spanish singer. She is of Romani origin, born in the Triana district of Seville, Spain. She has released more than a dozen albums throughout a career spanning many decades, mostly of copla genre, and is...

  • Isabel Allende
    Novelist, TV program guest, Award Nominee, Person, Person or entity appearing in film, Film story contributor, Theater Producer, Film actor, Author, Topic

    Isabel Allende is a Chilean-American writer. Allende, whose works sometimes contain aspects of the "magic realist" tradition, is famous for novels such as The House of the Spirits and City of the Beasts, which have been commercially successful....

  • Isabel
    TV Drama, TV Program

    Isabel is a Spanish produced historical fiction television series filmed in Spain, directed by Jordi Frades and produced for national broadcaster Televisión Española. The series is based upon the reign of Queen Isabella I of Castile.

  • Isabella II of Spain
    Person, Chivalric Order Member, Person Or Being In Fiction, Deceased Person, Organization founder, Noble person, Monarch

    Isabella II was queen regnant of Spain from 1833 until 1868. She came to the throne as an infant, but her succession was disputed by the Carlists, who refused to recognise a female sovereign, leading to the Carlist Wars. After a troubled reign, she...

  • Isabel Martínez de Perón
    Person, Politician

    María Estela Martínez Cartas de Perón, better known as Isabel Martínez de Perón; or Isabel Perón, is a former President of Argentina. She was the third wife of the former President, Juan Perón. During her husband's third term as president from 1973...

  • Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil
    Person, Deceased Person, Family member, Noble person

    Dona Isabel, nicknamed "the Redemptress", was the heiress presumptive to the throne of the Empire of Brazil, bearing the title of Princess Imperial. She also served as the Empire's regent on three occasions. Isabel was born in Rio de Janeiro, the...

  • Isabel
    HUD County Place, Statistical region, City/Town/Village, HUD Foreclosure Area, Dated location, Employer, Location

    Isabel is a town in Dewey County, South Dakota, United States. The population was 135 at the 2010 census.

  • Isabel
    City/Town/Village, Location, HUD Foreclosure Area, HUD County Place, Dated location, Statistical region

    Isabel is a city in Barber County, Kansas, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 90.

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