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Isshin Expression, Isshin Soul Urge, Isshin Inner Dream

Numerology information Isshin:

  • Name Number: 6. Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice

Songs about Isshin:

  • Isshin by Kokoromatoi from the Album Isshin/Kokoromatoi
  • Isshin instrumental by Kokoromatoi from the Album Isshin/Kokoromatoi
  • Isshin Kempo by And Carry A Big Stick Speak Softly from the Album Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

Books about Isshin:

  • Isshin-ryu karate: The ultimate fighting art - 1997 by Harold Long
  • Isshin Ryu - Fact or Fiction: Book One - Hands and Weapons - Apr 30, 2011 by Sean Davila
  • Isshin-ryu karate: The yellow belt - 1996 by Lancing C England
  • Okinawa's Complete Karate System: Isshin Ryu - Mar 19, 2001 by Michael Rosenbaum
  • Encyclopedia of Isshin Ryu Karate - Book 1 - Apr 1, 1982 by Angi Uezu with Joseph Jennings
  • Seisan Kata of Isshinryu Karate - 1983 by Steve Armstrong
  • Training Manual for Isshin Ryu Karate - Nov 17, 2003 by Bryan Winkelman
  • Encyclopedia of Isshin Ryu Karate - Book 1 - 1982 by Angi Uezu
  • The Soul Polisher's Apprentice: A Martial Kumite About Personal Evolution - Aug 21, 2013 by Christopher J. Goedecke
  • Isshin ichibutsu: Kyo busshi hitorigatari (Japanese Edition) - by Horin Matsuhisa
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Movies about Isshin:

  • Shimabuku Tatsuo Isshin Ryu Karate2015 NR
  • Kyusho-jitsu Kenkyukai: Isshin-ryu Master Class2006 PG
  • Isshin Ryu Karate2008 NR
  • Isshin Ryu Karate Founder Tatso Shimabuku2008 NR
  • The Dynamics of Isshin Ryu Karate2010 NR
  • Complete Okinawa Isshin Ryu Karate System, Starring Shihan Kim Murray 8th Degree Black Belt! Self-Defense, Katas...2006 G
  • Isshin Ryu Karate Featuring Grand Master Tatsuo Shimabuku, 10th Dan & Founder of Isshin Ryu2007
  • Isshin Ryu Karate's Tatsuo Shimabuku - d2003
  • The Complete Okinawa Isshin Ryu Karate System, Volume 1 Fundamental Techniques2006 G
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Wiki information Isshin:

  • Isshin-ryū

    Isshin-Ryu is a style of Okinawan karate founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku and named by him on 15 January 1956. Isshin-Ryū karate is largely a synthesis of Shorin-ryū karate, Gojū-ryū karate, and kobudō. The name means, literally, "one heart way". In 1989...

  • Isshin Chiba
    Actor, Musical Artist, Video Game Actor, Film actor, Person, TV Actor, Topic

    Isshin Chiba is a Japanese voice actor who appeared in 35 films since he first started acting in 1996 and is best known for doing the voice of Jin Kazama from the Tekken series.

  • Isshin Inudo
    Topic, Film writer, Award Nominee, Film director, Person

    Isshin Inudo is a Japanese film director.

  • Isshin Kurosaki
    Fictional Character, TV Character, Film character

    Isshin Kurosaki is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Bleach.

  • Isshin-ji

    Isshin-ji is a Pure Land Buddhist temple in Osaka, Japan. Starting in the Meiji period, thirteen images have been formed, each incorporating the ashes of tens of thousands of devotees. The annual burial ceremony on 21 April in turn draws tens of...

  • Isshin Tasuke
    Fictional Character

    Isshin Tasuke is a fictional Japanese person. He has appeared in novels and plays, kōdan, television and film jidaigeki and other media. The earliest known appearance was in the work Ōkubo Musashi Abumi. Brimming with the Japanese values of giri and...

  • Isshin-ryū kusarigamajutsu

    Isshin-ryū is a traditional school of the Japanese martial art of kusarigamajutsu, the art of using the chain and scythe. Its exact origin is disputed, and may have been founded as early as the 14th century by the samurai Nen Ami Jion 念阿弥慈恩, but the...

  • Ogawa Kazumasa
    Deceased Person, Author, Visual Artist, Person

    Ogawa Kazumasa, also known as Ogawa Kazuma or Ogawa Isshin, was a Japanese photographer, printer and publisher who was a pioneer in photomechanical printing and photography in the Meiji era. Ogawa was born in Saitama to the Matsudaira samurai clan....

  • Isshin Arima
    TV Character, Fictional Character

    Isshin Arima is a fictional character from 2009 Japanese anime TV series Princess Lover!.

  • Isshin Saitō
    Fictional Character, TV Character

    Isshin Saitō is a fictional character from the TV series Psychic Detective Yakumo.

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