Meaning : Of Native American-Hopi origin, Kaia means 'little but wise', a fairly unusual name that has grown in popularity since the 1990s., Pure,

Origin : Scandinavian, American, Norwegian, English, Estonian,

Pronunciation : KAY ah, (KAI-ya),

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Kaia Expression, Kaia Soul Urge, Kaia Inner Dream

Numerology information Kaia:

  • Name Number: 4. Meaning: Stability, Sameness, Regular, Rules, Condition, Responsibility, Routine, Frame, Detail, Order

Additional information Kaia:

  • Kaia is a feminine name, thought to be an elongated version of the name Kay. Kay originated as a pet form for many names starting with a K such as Katherine. It later became a name in its own right and since the variation Kaia has formed.
  • Hawaiian Meaning: The name Kaia is a Hawaiian baby name. In Hawaiian the meaning of the name Kaia is: The sea.
  • American Meaning: The name Kaia is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Kaia is: The sea.
  • Greek Meaning: The name Kaia is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Kaia is: From the earth.
  • Diminutive of KATARINA or KATARIINA

Definition funny of Kaia:

  • Wow that girl is cooler than Ultraviolet! What a Kaia!
  • A guy to his friend: That kaia might be hard to get, but she'll be worth the chase!
  • Her name must be Kaia!
  • You just banged alto of chicks and your friend walks up to and says that your a Kaia.
  • Me

Expression information Kaia:

  • People with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times.

Soul information Kaia:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.

Songs about Kaia:

  • Happy Birthday Kaia by Birthday Song Crew from the Album Happy Birthday (Jazzy) Vol. 7
  • 9 Eesti loikuslaulu (9 Estonian Harvest Songs): No. 5. Valjad karja kaia (Fields fo the Cattle) by Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir from the Album Tormis, V.: Choral Music
  • Alphabet Song for Kaya (Caya, Kaia) by Personalized Kid Music from the Album Friendly Songs - Personalized For Kaya
  • Blessing for Kaya (Caya, Kaia) by Personalized Kid Music from the Album Kaya, Let's Sing For Jesus
  • The Bumble Bee Song for Kaya (Caya, Kaia) by Personalized Kid Music from the Album Personalized Melodies About Kaya
  • Die Winde Am Kai (Vinsjan På Kaia) by Ddr (N) from the Album Das War Das
  • Dooby Dooby Swing Song for Kaya (Caya, Kaia) by Personalized Kid Music from the Album Personalized Melodies About Kaya
  • Dream Again Kaya (Caya, Kaia) by Personalized Kid Music from the Album No One Like You - Christian Lullabies for Little Angels: Kaya
  • Erantzun (Kirol Kaia? Bai Zera!!) by Lif from the Album Lif
  • I Love Pizza. Do you Kaya? (Caya, Kaia) by Personalized Kid Music from the Album Friendly Songs - Personalized For Kaya
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Books about Kaia:

  • Remember to Wave - Jan 12, 2010 by Kaia Sand
  • Kaia, Heroine of the 1944 Warsaw Rising - Mar 13, 2014 by Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm
  • Kaia'tano:ron Kateri Tekahkwitha [Tekakwitha] - 1994 by Henri Bechard and Antoinette Kinlough
  • Loose Ends Series Box Set - Sep 8, 2015 by Kaia Bennett
  • Trust in Me (LUKE Series, #6) - Nov 11, 2013 by Cassia Leo and Kaia Stone
  • Pray For Kaia: She is Such a Gift - Sep 2, 2011 by Ryan Donovan
  • Interval - Jan 1, 2004 by Kaia Sand
  • Kaia's Blessing - Jun 3, 2014 by Kayla Sizemore
  • Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space - Apr 1, 2008 by Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand
  • Pray For Kaia: She Is Such A Gift - Aug 30, 2011 by Ryan Donovan
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Wiki information Kaia:

  • Kaia Kanepi
    Olympic athlete, Measured person, Athlete, Tennis Player, Tennis Tournament Champion, Person

    Kaia Kanepi is an Estonian tennis player. She achieved her career-high ranking of World No. 15 in August 2012 and holds many firsts for Estonia. Since beginning at the pro circuit in 2000 Kanepi has won 4 WTA titles in singles. Kanepi won her first...

  • KaiA

    kaiA is a gene in the "kaiABC" gene cluster that plays a crucial role in the regulation of circadian rhythm in bacteria, such as the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus. For these bacteria, regulation of kaiA expression is critical for circadian...

  • Kaia Wilson
    Folk rock Artist, Person, Musical Artist, Musician, Person or entity appearing in film

    Kaia Lynne Wilson is a musician from Portland, Oregon, best known as a founding member of both Team Dresch, a revered 1990s queercore punk band, and The Butchies, a pop-rock spin-off from her solo work. In addition to singing, songwriting and guitar,...

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  • Kaiapoi
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  • Kaia Jordan Gerber
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    Kaia Jordan Gerber is the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber.

  • Kaia Foss
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    Kaia Foss is an actress.

  • Kaia Parnaby
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    Kaia Parnaby is an Australian softball player from New South Wales. She is a pitcher, and earned a scholarship to and played for the Australian Institute of Sport. She is a member of the senior Australia women's national softball team and is on the...

  • Karen Kaia Livers
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    Karen Kaia Livers is an actress.

  • Kaia
    Creative Work, Musical Release, Consumer product

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