Meaning : Heart,

Origin : Hebrew,

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Lev Expression, Lev Soul Urge, Lev Inner Dream

Numerology information Lev:

  • Name Number: 3. Meaning: Communication, Interaction, Friendship, Joy, Lightness, Humor, Art, Positivity, Optimism

Additional information Lev:

  • Czechoslovakian Meaning: The name Lev is a Czechoslovakian baby name. In Czechoslovakian the meaning of the name Lev is: Lion.
  • Latin Meaning: The name Lev is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Lev is: Lion.
  • Russian Meaning: The name Lev is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Lev is: Lion.
  • Hebrew Meaning: The name Lev is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Lev is: United.

Definition funny of Lev:

  • Lev rocks so much it is sad!
  • My name is Lev.
  • One euro is equal to 1.95 leva
  • Wow! That ass is quite Lev. (Or) Wow this chicken is so Lev.
  • do you lev?
  • In the midst of the morning breeze, Jason leved. In his brutal awakening, the morning flowers were masked by the sweet smell of dook.
  • Taper: DON'T MOVE! Dingo: Do you plan to shoot me with those tired old LEVs?

Expression information Lev:

  • People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. They tend to become involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.

Soul information Lev:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition.

Songs about Lev:

  • Lev Tahor by Steve McConnell from the Album Sim Shalom
  • Four Waltzes for Flute, Clarinet & Piano (arr, Lev Atovmyan): I. Spring Waltz: clarinet & piano (from Michurin... by Nash Ensemble from the Album Shostakovich: Piano Quintet Op.57/Piano Trio no.2/Four Waltzes
  • Four Waltzes for Flute, Clarinet & Piano (arr, Lev Atovmyan): II. Waltz-scherzo: flute & piano (from The Bolt... by Nash Ensemble from the Album Shostakovich: Piano Quintet Op.57/Piano Trio no.2/Four Waltzes
  • Four Waltzes for Flute, Clarinet & Piano (arr, Lev Atovmyan): III. Waltz:: flute, clarinet & piano (from The Return... by Nash Ensemble from the Album Shostakovich: Piano Quintet Op.57/Piano Trio no.2/Four Waltzes
  • Four Waltzes for Flute, Clarinet & Piano (arr, Lev Atovmyan): IV. Barrel Organ Waltz: piccolo clarinet & piano... by Nash Ensemble from the Album Shostakovich: Piano Quintet Op.57/Piano Trio no.2/Four Waltzes
  • Lev Tahor by Lev Tahor from the Album Lev Tahor 2
  • Lev Tahor by Abie Rotenberg & Label Sharfman from the Album Dveykus Vol. 1, 2, & 3
  • Lev Shalem by Berry Sakharof from the Album Negiot
  • Lev Tahor / Hallelu by Bruce Cohen from the Album Fall Upon Us Now * Greatest Hits 1978 - 1999
  • Rimsky-Korsakov: The Tsar's Bride - original version Tsarskaya Nevesta by Lev Mey - Overture by Kirov Orchestra, St Petersburg and Valery Gergiev from the Album Rimsky-Korsakov: The Tsar's Bride (2 CDS)
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Books about Lev:

  • The Magician King: A Novel (Magicians Trilogy) - May 29, 2012 by Lev Grossman
  • The Magician's Land: A Novel (Magicians Trilogy) - Jun 9, 2015 by Lev Grossman
  • The Magicians: A Novel (Magicians Trilogy) - May 25, 2010 by Lev Grossman
  • My Name Is Asher Lev - Mar 11, 2003 by Chaim Potok
  • A Backpack, a Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka: A Memoir - Oct 13, 2015 by Lev Golinkin
  • The Magicians Trilogy Box Set - Jun 9, 2015 by Lev Grossman
  • Play And its Role in The Mental Development of The Child (Psychology Classics Book 1) - Apr 2, 2013 by Lev Vygotsky and David Webb
  • The Gift of Asher Lev - Sep 10, 1997 by Chaim Potok
  • All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses--And How We Can Fix It Together - May 12, 2015 by Josh Levs
  • [Mahzor Lev Shalem la-Yamim Ha-Noraim] : Mahzor Lev Shalem for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - 2010 by Senior Editor and Chair Rabbi Edward Feld and Rabbi Leonard Gordon
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Movies about Lev:

  • Lev Tolstoj: ego zshizn i trudy. DVD + CD2013 G
  • Forging Solutions: Power Hammer Techniques with Amit Har-lev
  • Lev Tolstoy1984
  • Joinery Techniques with Amit Har-lev
  • Forging Solutions: Hand Hammer and Power Hammer Techniques with Amit Har-lev
  • Eyal Golan: Ha'lev Al Ha'shulchan - Live at Caesarea
  • On the Edge Unrated
  • (Anvil) Tools and Techniques with Amit Har-lev2009
  • Lev Tolstoy2008
  • The Great Consoler - Lev Kuleshov
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Wiki information Lev:

  • Lev Vygotsky
    Psychologist, Influence Node, Deceased Person, Author, Academic, Person

    Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky was a Soviet psychologist, the founder of a theory of human cultural and bio-social development commonly referred to as cultural-historical psychology, and leader of the Vygotsky Circle. Vygotsky's main work was in...

  • Leo Tolstoy
    Novelist, Deceased Person, Family member, Composer, Topic, Person or entity appearing in film, Person Or Being In Fiction, Award Nominee, Film subject, Musical Artist

    Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, usually referred to in English as Leo Tolstoy, was a Russian novelist regarded as one of the greatest of all time. He is best known for War and Peace and Anna Karenina. He first achieved literary acclaim in his 20s...

  • Bulgarian lev

    The lev is the currency of Bulgaria. It is divided in 100 stotinki. In archaic Bulgarian the word "lev" meant "lion", a word which in the modern language became lăv.

  • Lev Landau
    Physicist, Name source, Author, Award Winner, Deceased Person, Person, Academic, Influence Node

    Lev Davidovich Landau was a prominent Soviet physicist who made fundamental contributions to many areas of theoretical physics. His accomplishments include the independent co-discovery of the density matrix method in quantum mechanics, the quantum...

  • Lev Yashin
    Soccer, Person, Football player, Measured person, Deceased Person, Olympic athlete, Athlete, Award Winner

    Lev Ivanovich Yashin, nicknamed "The Black Spider" or "The Black Panther", was a Soviet-Russian football goalkeeper, considered by many to be the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the game. He was known for his athleticism in goal, imposing...

  • Leon Trotsky
    TV Personality, Name source, Identity, Award Winner, Influence Node, Organization founder, TV program guest, Topic, Military Commander, Periodical Subject

    Leon Trotsky was a Marxist revolutionary and theorist, Soviet politician, and the founder and first leader of the Red Army. Trotsky initially supported the Menshevik Internationalists faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. He joined...

  • Levante UD
    Sports Team, Football team

    Levante Unión Deportiva, S.A.D. is a Spanish football club based in Valencia, in the namesake community. Founded on 9 September 1909 it plays in La Liga, holding home games at Estadi Ciutat de València.

  • Lev Gumilyov
    Anthropologist, Name source, Deceased Person, Person, Author

    Lev Nikolayevich Gumilyov, was a Soviet historian, ethnologist, anthropologist and translator from Persian, who is known for his highly non-orthodox theories of ethnogenesis.

  • Levant

    The Levant is an approximate historical geographical term referring to a large area in the eastern Mediterranean. In its widest historical sense, the Levant included all of the eastern Mediterranean with its islands, that is, it included all of the...

  • Lev Kamenev
    Person, Deceased Person, Politician

    Lev Borisovich Kamenev, born Rozenfeld, was a Bolshevik revolutionary and a prominent Soviet politician. He was one of the seven members of the first legendary Politburo, founded in 1917 in order to manage the Bolshevik Revolution: Lenin, Zinoviev,...

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