Meaning : Woman of Magdala, Woman Of Magdala,

Origin : English,

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Magdalen Expression, Magdalen Soul Urge, Magdalen Inner Dream

Numerology information Magdalen:

  • Name Number: 3. Meaning: Communication, Interaction, Friendship, Joy, Lightness, Humor, Art, Positivity, Optimism

Additional information Magdalen:

  • Hebrew Meaning: The name Magdalen is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Magdalen is: From the tower.
  • American Meaning: The name Magdalen is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Magdalen is: From the tower.
  • Czechoslovakian Meaning: The name Magdalen is a Czechoslovakian baby name. In Czechoslovakian the meaning of the name Magdalen is: Woman from Magdala. The biblical Mary Magdalene came from Magdala area near the sea of Galilee.
  • Spanish Meaning: The name Magdalen is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Magdalen is: Bitter. Woman from Magdala. The biblical Mary Magdalene came from Magdala area near the sea of Galilee.
  • Variant of MAGDALENE

Expression information Magdalen:

  • People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. They tend to become involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.

Soul information Magdalen:

  • People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.

Songs about Magdalen:

  • Ballad of Mary Magdalen - Richard Shindell
  • The Ballad of Mark Magdalen by Cry Cry Cry from the Album Cry, Cry, Cry
  • The Ballad of Mary Magdalen by Richard Shindell from the Album Courier
  • The Ballad of Mary Magdalen by Richard Shindell from the Album 13 Songs You May or May Not Have Heard Before
  • With lilies white (An elegy for Lady Magdalen Montague, d 1608) by Gérard Lesne/Ensemble De Violes Orlando Gibbons from the Album Byrd - Consort Music & Consort Songs
  • The Ballad Of Mary Magdalen by Tom Wasinger and Susan Wasinger from the Album Angels In The Wilderness
  • The Ballad of Mary Magdalen by Trinity Demask from the Album Crucible
  • Can Mair Magdalen by Margaret Williams from the Album Y Goreuon / The Very Best Of
  • Dream Again Magdalen (Magdalin, Magdalyn, Magdelen, Magdelin, Magdelyn) by Personalized Kid Music from the Album No One Like You - Christian Lullabies for Little Angels: Magdalen
  • The First Of Days - Four Voices Of Passion: Mary Magdalen and the Resurrected One by Trio Varsovia, Elisabeth Hanke, Hedwig Rummel, Finn Bielenberg Nielsen, Martin Palsmar, Ejvind Frantzen, Anette Slaatto, Nicolai Slaatto, Ingo Schauser, Marie Ziener, Bo Andersen from the Album Andersen: The First Of Days
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Books about Magdalen:

  • The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & the Sex Magic of Isis - Jan 1, 2006 by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion
  • Magdalen Rising: The Beginning (The Maeve Chronicles) - Jun 1, 2010 by Elizabeth Cunningham
  • The New Magdalen - May 12, 2012 by Wilkie Collins
  • The Magdalen - Mar 6, 2002 by Marita Conlon-McKenna
  • Mary Magdalen in the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich - Aug 1, 2005 by Emmerich
  • The Passion of Mary Magdalen: A Novel (The Maeve Chronicles) - May 1, 2007 by Elizabeth Cunningham
  • The Marshal Makes His Report (A Florentine Mystery) - Sep 1, 2008 by Magdalen Nabb
  • The Monster of Florence (A Florentine Mystery) - Sep 30, 2014 by Magdalen Nabb
  • Death of a Dutchman (A Florentine Mystery) - Dec 1, 2007 by Magdalen Nabb
  • Death of an Englishman (A Florentine Mystery) - Jul 2, 2013 by Magdalen Nabb
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Movies about Magdalen:

  • MARY MAGDALEN: An Intimate Portrait2006 NR
  • Tanlines Magdalen Islands2007 NR
  • Magdalen2004 NR
  • Heart of the Lily, Part I1996
  • Mary Magdalen-An Intimate Portrait1998 by Hosted By Penelope Ann Miller and Mary Magdalen
  • Magdalen: Experiencing God's Mercy with Mary Anne LaHood2002 by Mary Anne LaHood
  • Magdalen Experience God's Mercy Vhs Tape Unrated by Mary Anne La hood
  • Mary Magdalen: An Intimate Portrait1995 NR by Hosted By Penelope Ann Miller
  • Mary Magdalen2010

Wiki information Magdalen:

  • Magdalen College, Oxford
    Architectural structure owner, Educational Institution, Organization, Location, College/University, Endowed Organization, Employer

    Magdalen College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. As of 2013, the college had an estimated financial endowment of £170.9 million. Magdalen stands next to the River Cherwell and has within its grounds a deer...

  • Mary Magdalene
    Person Or Being In Fiction, Name source, Art Subject, Person, Literature Subject, Film subject, Deceased Person

    Mary Magdalene, or Mary of Magdala and sometimes The Magdalene, is a figure in Christianity. Mary Magdalene travelled with Jesus as one of his followers. She is said to have witnessed Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Within the four Gospels she...

  • Magdalene asylum

    Magdalene asylums, also known as Magdalene laundries, were institutions from the 18th to the late 20th centuries ostensibly to house "fallen women", a term used to imply female sexual promiscuity or work in prostitution. Asylums operated throughout...

  • Magdalen Islands
    Island Group, Geographical Feature, Location

    The Magdalen Islands form a small archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence with a land area of 205.53 square kilometres. Though closer to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, the islands form part of the Canadian province of Quebec. The islands...

  • Magdalen College School, Oxford
    Independent school, Employer, Location, Organization, Educational Institution Campus, School, Educational Institution

    Magdalen College School is an independent school for boys aged 7 to 18 and girls in the sixth form, located on The Plain in Oxford, England. It was founded as part of Magdalen College, Oxford, by William Waynflete in 1480. The Good Schools Guide...

  • Magdalen
    Hard rock Artist, Musical Artist, Musical Group

    Magdallan, was an American Christian metal supergroup, originally started in 1990, as a studio project and collaboration between Ken Tamplin and Lanny Cordola. The band was active from 1990 to 1995, released 2 albums and an EP, and was signed to...

  • Magdalen Nabb
    Writer, Award Winner, Author, Deceased Person, Topic, Person

    Magdalen Nabb was a British author, best known for the Marshal Guarnaccia detective novels. Born near Blackburn in Lancashire as Magdalen Nuttal, she was educated at the Convent Grammar School, Bury, before going on to art college in Manchester,...

  • Magdalene College, Cambridge
    Educational Institution, Employer, Educational Institution Campus, Organization, Location, Endowed Organization, College/University

    Magdalene College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, England. The college was founded in 1428 as a Benedictine hostel, in time coming to be known as Buckingham College, before being refounded in 1542 as the College of St Mary...

  • Magdalen papyrus
    Written Work

    The "Magdalen" papyrus was purchased in Luxor, Egypt in 1901 by Reverend Charles Bousfield Huleatt, who identified the Greek fragments as portions of the Gospel of Matthew and presented them to Magdalen College, Oxford, where they are cataloged as P....

  • Magdalen Tower
    Project focus, Location, Structure, Tower

    Magdalen Tower, completed in 1509, is a bell tower that forms part of Magdalen College, Oxford. It is a central focus for the celebrations in Oxford on May Morning.

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