Meaning : Star of the sea, Derived from the Latin name Maria, which comes from the Greek Mariam. Meanings are varied, including 'bitterness'; 'rebelliousness'; 'beloved lady' and 'long wished for child'., Of the Sea or Bitter, Of The Sea Or Bitter,

Origin : Biblical, English, Hebrew,

Pronunciation : (MER-ee), MER-ee (English), MAR-ee (English)  , MAIR ee,

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Mary Expression, Mary Soul Urge, Mary Inner Dream

Numerology information Mary:

  • Name Number: 3. Meaning: Communication, Interaction, Friendship, Joy, Lightness, Humor, Art, Positivity, Optimism

Additional information Mary:

  • Mary is a Middle English form of the Hebrew name 'Miriam'. Mary was the name of the Mother of Christ, the Virgin Mary. As a result the name was very popular among early Christians. The name's popularity maintained high, until the 1960s when it suffered a sharp decline.
  • Hebrew Meaning: The name Mary is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Mary is: Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter. Famous Bearers: the Virgin Mary; Mary Magdalene; Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • American Meaning: The name Mary is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Mary is: Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter. Famous Bearers: the Virgin Mary; Mary Magdalene; Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • Biblical Meaning: The name Mary is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Mary is: Rebellion.
  • English Meaning: The name Mary is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Mary is: Bitter.. The biblical mother of Christ. Names like Dolores and Mercedes have been created to express aspects of Mary's life and worship.
  • Perhaps the most classic of all classics, Mary’s fallen far from where it was in… oh…1880 (at least -- that’s the year the Social Security Administration started tracking names) to 1965, when it was the top name in America (save a few years from ’47 to ’52, when it dropped to an embarrassing number two). Mary is, of course, the mother of Christ and has also been a popular name among royals. It’s been dropping pretty quickly in the last few decades (59 places since ’89, which is a lot when you consider how long it spent at the top) and is generally now used as a religious or family name. Don’t worry though, there are about a billion variations if you want something similar but a little more fresh. Mamie… Mae… Marin…Trust us, the list goes on.
  • Usual English form of Maria, the Latin form of the New Testament Greek names Μαριαμ (Mariam) and Μαρια (Maria) - the spellings are interchangeable - which were from Hebrew מִרְיָם (Miryam), a name borne by the sister of Moses in the Old Testament. The meaning is not known for certain, but there are several theories including "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", and "wished for child". However it was most likely originally an Egyptian name, perhaps derived in part from mry "beloved" or mr "love". This is the name of several New Testament characters, most importantly Mary the virgin mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. Due to the Virgin Mary this name has been very popular in the Christian world, though at certain times in some cultures it has been considered too holy for everyday use. In England it has been used since the 12th century, and it has been among the most common feminine names since the 16th century. The Latinized form Maria is also used in English as well as in several other languages. This name has been borne by two queens of England, as well as a Queen of Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots. Another notable bearer was Mary Shelley (1797-1851), the author of 'Frankenstein'. A famous fictional character by this name is Mary Poppins from the children's books by P. L. Travers.

Definition funny of Mary:

  • I would be happy to be with mary as long as possiable
  • She doesn't dress hipster...she dresses like Mary.
  • person1: ...christian cheerleader? a Mary?!?! person2: yeah, at practice and chruch is a goody good... but you should've seen her at the party.
  • Fat Ass: Mary, mary, quite contrary, how does you garden grow? Mary: Fuck you. Fat Ass 2: Mary had a little lamb. Mary: No fatty, she didn't
  • Boy: Mary, you're such a badass Mary: Dude, i know right?
  • Mary, Mary quite contrary...sugar and spice, and everything nice...
  • Mary is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, I can not get her out of my mind

Expression information Mary:

  • People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. They tend to become involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.

Soul information Mary:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

Songs about Mary:

  • Along Comes Mary - The Association
  • Arms of Mary - The Sutherland Brothers
  • Auntie Mary - Harry Belafonte
  • Auntie Mary's Dress Shop - Tomorrow
  • Ballad of Mary Magdalen - Richard Shindell
  • Blind Mary - Gnarls Barkley
  • Cellophane Mary - Java Men
  • Crazy Mary - Victoria Williams, Pearl Jam
  • Creek Mary's Blood - Nightwish
  • Cross-Eyed Mary - Jethro Tull
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Books about Mary:

  • Mary - Sep 1, 2009 by Martina Degl'Innocenti and Stella Marin
  • Mary: Mrs. A. Lincoln - Oct 1, 2007 by Janis Cooke Newman
  • The Melody Lingers On - Jun 23, 2015 by Mary Higgins Clark
  • Walking with Mary: A Biblical Journey from Nazareth to the Cross - Sep 10, 2013 by Edward Sri
  • I've Got You Under My Skin: A Novel (An Under Suspicion Novel) - Mar 24, 2015 by Mary Higgins Clark
  • The World's First Love (2nd edition): Mary, Mother of God - Jul 5, 2010 by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
  • Mary - Mar 24, 2011 by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Edmund Gosse
  • Mary - Nov 20, 1989 by Vladimir Nabokov
  • The Cinderella Murder: An Under Suspicion Novel - Aug 25, 2015 by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke
  • Mary: The Summoning (Bloody Mary) - Sep 2, 2014 by Hillary Monahan
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Movies about Mary:

  • Mary and Martha2013 NR CC
  • Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary Edition1964 G CC
  • Capturing Mary2009 NR CC
  • Mugshots: Mary K. Letourneau and Vili Fualaau2013 NR CC
  • There's Something About Mary1998 R CC
  • Murder Of Mary Phagan (Edited Version)1988 PG CC
  • Being Mary Jane2015 CC
  • The Bells Of St. Mary's NR CC
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show Season 11970 CC
  • Mary Queen of Scots: The Red Queen2014 NR CC
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Famous about Mary:

  • Mary J. Blige - musician
  • Mary-Louise Parker - actress
  • Mary Poppins - title character
  • Mary-Kate Olsen - actress
  • Mary - mother of Jesus

Infamous about Mary:

  • Queen Mary I of England -
  • Mary Boleyn - mistress of Henry VII

Wiki information Mary:

  • Mary
    Literature Subject, Name source, Fictional Character, Person Or Being In Fiction, Deceased Person, Dedicatee, Identity, Film character, Art Subject, Topic

    According to the New Testament, Mary, also known as Saint Mary or Virgin Mary, was a Galilean Jewish woman of Nazareth and the mother of Jesus. She is also identified as the mother of Jesus in the Quran. Christians hold her son Jesus to be the Christ...

  • Mary I of England
    Monarch, Film subject, Noble person, Family member, Name source, Person, Person Or Being In Fiction, Deceased Person, Organization founder

    Mary I was the Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. Her executions of Protestants caused her opponents to give her the sobriquet "Bloody Mary". She was the only child of Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon who...

  • Assumption of Mary
    Art Subject

    The Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven, often shortened to the Assumption, and also known as the Falling Asleep of the Blessed Virgin Mary, according to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, and parts of...

  • Mary Magdalene
    Deceased Person, Film subject, Name source, Literature Subject, Person Or Being In Fiction, Person, Art Subject

    Mary Magdalene, or Mary of Magdala and sometimes The Magdalene, is a figure in Christianity. Mary Magdalene travelled with Jesus as one of his followers. She is said to have witnessed Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Within the four Gospels she...

  • Veneration of Mary in Roman Catholicism

    Roman Catholic veneration of Mary, Mother of Jesus, which has grown over time in importance, is manifested not only in prayer but also in the visual arts, poetry and music. Popes have encouraged it, while also taking steps to reform some...

  • Annunciation
    Art Subject, Literature Subject

    The Annunciation, also referred to as the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Annunciation of Our Lady or the Annunciation of the Lord, is the Christian celebration of the announcement by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she would...

  • Mary, Queen of Scots
    Monarch, , Composer, Person Or Being In Fiction, Politician, Noble person, Musical Artist, Family member, Name source, Lyricist

    Mary, Queen of Scots, also known as Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland, was Queen of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567 and Queen consort of France from 10 July 1559 to 5 December 1560. Mary, the only surviving legitimate child of King...

  • Mary of Teck
    Noble person, Topic, Musical Artist, Chivalric Order Member, Person, Deceased Person, Name source, Award Winner, Person Or Being In Fiction, Family member

    Mary of Teck was Queen consort of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Empress consort of India, as the wife of King-Emperor George V. Although technically a princess of Teck, in the Kingdom of Württemberg, she was born and raised in...

  • College of William & Mary
    College/University, Ranked item, Employer, Namesake, Endowed Organization, Building complex, Organization, Location, Educational Institution, Educational Institution Campus

    The College of William & Mary in Virginia is a public research university located in Williamsburg, Virginia, United States. Privately founded in 1693 by letters patent issued by King William III and Queen Mary II, it is the second-oldest institution...

  • Theotokos

    Theotokos is the Greek title of Mary, the mother of Jesus used especially in the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic Churches. Its literal English translations include "God-bearer", "Birth-Giver of God" and "the one who gives...

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