Meaning : Unknown, Latinized Form Of Myrddin, Latinized form of Myrddin,

Origin : Latin, Unknown, Arthurian Romance, English,

Pronunciation : (Unknown), MUR-lin (English)  ,

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Merlin Expression, Merlin Soul Urge, Merlin Inner Dream

Numerology information Merlin:

  • Name Number: 8. Meaning: Outer, Body, Physical, Ambition, Power, Progress, Career, Success, Respect, Fame, Means, Karma

Additional information Merlin:

  • French Meaning: The name Merlin is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Merlin is: Falcon.
  • American Meaning: The name Merlin is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Merlin is: Falcon.
  • Arthurian Legend Meaning: The name Merlin is an Arthurian Legend baby name. In Arthurian Legend the meaning of the name Merlin is: Sea fortress. In Arthurian mythology the wizard Merlin was King Arthur's mentor.
  • Celtic Meaning: The name Merlin is a Celtic baby name. In Celtic the meaning of the name Merlin is: From the hill over the sea.
  • Welsh Meaning: The name Merlin is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Merlin is: Hawk. From the sea fortress. In Arthurian legend, Merlin Ambrosius was adviser/mentor to King Arthur.
  • Form of the Welsh name Myrddin (meaning "sea fortress") used by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his 12th-century Arthurian tales. Writing in Latin, he likely chose the form Merlinus over Merdinus in order to prevent associations with French merde "excrement". Geoffrey based parts of Merlin's character on Myrddin Wyllt, a semi-legendary madman and prophet who lived in the Caledonian Forest. Other parts of his life were based on that of the historical 5th-century Romano-British military leader Ambrosius Aurelianus. In Geoffrey's version of the tales and later embellishments Merlin is a wizard and counselor for King Arthur.

Definition funny of Merlin:

  • Doen'cha knoe, I'm from Merlin!
  • Kid #1: Woody freestyles be hella merlin Kid #2: True, but I heard Spencer's are merlin as fuck!
  • Last night was totally merlin, it couldn't have been better. That back double tricky you did was merlin! That layout for that ad is merlin.
  • Steeler: Look at that kid, he's got the merlins! Kevin: Don't say that! Steeler: Nah it's okay, the kid's a dick anyway.
  • 1. She was giving me a blowjob when I pulled out and covered her face in merlin. 2. When she walked out of the toilet, she had merlin on her lip.
  • Friend of Merlin: "Hey Merlin." Someone does something amazing. Onlookers: Fuck man, that was merlin!
  • be careful today. i have a feeling elizabeth's going to try to give you a merlin when you're sleeping.

Expression information Merlin:

  • People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.

Soul information Merlin:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition.

Songs about Merlin:

  • Merlin's Lament - Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
  • Suite Del Recuerdo: VI. Joropo - José Luis Merlin by Rich Barry from the Album Guitarist
  • Suite Del Recuerdo: II. Zamba - José Luis Merlin by Rich Barry from the Album Guitarist
  • Suite Del Recuerdo: IV. Carnavalito - José Luis Merlin by Rich Barry from the Album Guitarist
  • Suite Del Recuerdo: III. Chacarera - José Luis Merlin by Rich Barry from the Album Guitarist
  • Suite Del Recuerdo: V. Evocacion - José Luis Merlin by Rich Barry from the Album Guitarist
  • Suite Del Recuerdo: I. Evocacion - José Luis Merlin by Rich Barry from the Album Guitarist
  • Merlin's Study by Brandon Fiechter from the Album Camelot
  • Merlin by TV Sounds Unlimited from the Album Greatest TV Themes: Fantasy
  • Merlin Buries Lancelot by Michal Pavlicek from the Album Merlin: Series Four (Original Television Soundtrack)
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Books about Merlin:

  • The Lost Years: Book 1 (Merlin) - May 12, 2011 by T. A. Barron
  • The Once and Future King - Jul 15, 1987 by Terence Hanbury White
  • Merlin - The Legacy #1: Dark Fantasy Serial (Rise of the Dark) - Sep 5, 2013 by Luke Gasiden
  • My Boyfriend Merlin (My Merlin Series Book 1) - Dec 1, 2011 by Priya Ardis
  • Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle , Book 2) - Aug 26, 2008 by Stephen R. Lawhead
  • The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life - Mar 24, 2015 by T. A. Barron
  • Merlin's Awakening (An Untimely Error Book 1) - Oct 13, 2013 by Tom Larcombe
  • The Merlin Trilogy - Sep 7, 2004 by Mary Stewart
  • Merlin: Priest of Nature - Jun 1, 1995 by Jean Markale
  • The Crystal Cave (The Arthurian Saga, Book 1) - May 6, 2003 by Mary Stewart
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Movies about Merlin:

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000-- Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders2015 NR CC
  • Merlin: The Return NR CC
  • Merlin Season 12008 CC
  • Merlin Season 22009 CC
  • Merlin Season 52013 CC
  • Merlin Season 32010 CC
  • Merlin Season 42011 CC
  • The Misadventures Of Merlin Jones1964 G CC
  • Merlin: The Complete Series2014 NR
  • Merlin and the Book of Beasts2009 NR
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Wiki information Merlin:

  • Rolls-Royce Merlin
    Engine, Piston engine, Project focus, Aircraft Engine Type

    The Rolls-Royce Merlin is a British liquid-cooled, V-12, piston aero engine, of 27-litre capacity. Rolls-Royce Limited designed and built the engine as a private venture. Initially known as the PV-12, it was later called Merlin following the company...

  • Merlin
    Film character, Art Subject, Person Or Being In Fiction, Fictional Character, Theater Character, Name source, Film subject, Opera Character, TV Character, Book Character

    Ambrosinus is a fictional character in the 2007 action adventure fantasy film The Last Legion.

  • Merlin
    Bipropellant rocket engine, Rocket engine

    Merlin is a family of rocket engines developed by SpaceX for use on its Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 launch vehicles. SpaceX also plans to use Merlin engines on its Falcon Heavy. Merlin engines use RP-1 and liquid oxygen as rocket propellants in a...

  • Merlin
    Science Fiction TV Program, TV Program, Netflix Title, Identity, Topic, Award-Winning Work, Award-Nominated Work

    Merlin is a British fantasy-adventure television programme, created by Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps and starring Colin Morgan in the title role. It was broadcast on BBC One from 20 September 2008 to 24 December 2012, for...

  • Merlin
    Biological Species, Organism Classification

    The merlin is a small species of falcon from the Northern Hemisphere. A bird of prey once known colloquially as a pigeon hawk in North America, the merlin breeds in the northern Holarctic; some migrate to subtropical and northern tropical regions in...

  • Merlin
    Action/Adventure TV Program, Film, Award-Winning Work, Topic, Award-Nominated Work, TV Program

    Merlin is a television miniseries which originally aired in 1998 on NBC that retells the legend of King Arthur from the perspective of the wizard Merlin. Sam Neill stars in the title role in a story that covers not only the rise and fall of Camelot...

  • Merlin Entertainments
    Limited company, Business Operation, Organization, Architectural structure owner, Hotel Operator, Consumer company, Asset Owner, Employer

    Merlin Entertainments PLC is a British company headquartered in Poole, Dorset which operates 124 attractions, 16 hotels and 3 holiday villages in 25 countries. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

  • Dino Merlin
    Singer, Musical Artist, Person or entity appearing in film, Lyricist, Person, Topic, Composer, Musician

    Edin Dervišhalidović, known by his stage name Dino Merlin, is a Bosnian singer-songwriter, musician, and producer. He is considered to be one of the most prominent and commercially successful artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and is also widely...

  • Leroy Merlin
    Retail Business, Business Operation, Organization, Employer

    Leroy Merlin is a French home-improvement and gardening retailer serving thirteen countries. Generally established on the outskirts of major towns and cities, Leroy Merlin stores are large centres providing self-service and sales assisted services....

  • Merlin Olsen
    American football player, Film actor, Hall of fame inductee, Athlete, Identity, Measured person, Deceased Person, TV Actor, Person, Sports League Award Winner

    Merlin Jay Olsen was an American football player in the National Football League, NFL commentator, and actor. He played his entire 15-year career as a defensive tackle with the Los Angeles Rams and was selected to the Pro Bowl a record 14 straight...

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