Origin : Macedonian, History,

Pronunciation : TRAY-jən (English)  ,

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Trajan Expression, Trajan Soul Urge, Trajan Inner Dream

Numerology information Trajan:

  • Name Number: 1. Meaning: Individual, Masculine, Logic, Self, Active, Leadership, Initiative, Assertive

Additional information Trajan:

  • From the Roman cognomen Traianus, which is of unknown meaning. The Roman emperor Trajan (full name Marcus Ulpius Traianus) is considered among the most capable men to have led the empire. His military accomplishments include victories over Dacia and Parthia.

Definition funny of Trajan:

  • 1. "That girl over there is such a trajan" 2. "Oh my god, that trajan is the hottest thing I have ever seen

Songs about Trajan:

  • College Beat Kidz (feat. Trajan) by Renzer II from the Album Future Club Life [Explicit]
  • Fountain of Trajan by Acts Travel from the Album Ephesus - Audio Walking Tour
  • Le Temple de la Gloire: Trajan : Ces oiseaux par leur doux ramage by Le Concert Spirituel/Herve Niquet/Jean-Paul Fouchécourt from the Album Rameau: Pigmalion
  • Le Temple de la Gloire: Trajan : Ces oiseaux par leur doux ramage by Le Concert Spirituel/Herve Niquet/Jean-Paul Fouchécourt from the Album Rameau: Pigmalion
  • Temple of Trajan (Live) by The Perge from the Album Dyad
  • Trajan by Y-Tek Toxik Waste from the Album Lead the Nation
  • Trajan's Market by Apollodorus Of Damascus from the Album Unabellavista:Rome
  • Trajans's Column by Apollodorus Of Damascus from the Album Unabellavista:Rome

Books about Trajan:

  • Trajan: Optimus Princeps (Roman Imperial Biographies) - Dec 23, 2000 by Julian Bennett
  • Trajan: Lion of Rome, the Untold Story of Rome's Greatest Emperor - May 1, 2009 by C.R.H. Wildfeuer
  • Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome - Sep 14, 2010 by Anthony Everitt
  • Lives of the Later Caesars: The First Part of the Augustan History, with Newly Compiled Lives of Nerva & Trajan - Jun 24, 1976 by Anthony Birley
  • The Roman General: A Novel - May 29, 2015 by Jocelyn Murray
  • Emperor Trajan - A Short Biography - Aug 21, 2011 by Klemens Löffler
  • The Forum of Trajan in Rome: A Study of the Monuments in Brief - Jan 2002 by James E. Packer
  • Trajan's Hunters (The Sword of Cartimandua Book 7) - Dec 10, 2013 by Griff Hosker
  • Trajan's Column - Nov 19, 2015 by Frank Leppard and Sheppard Frere
  • Pliny the Younger: Correspondence with Trajan from Bithynia (Epistles X) (Epistles X, Classical Texts Series)... - Jan 1, 1990 by W. Williams
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Movies about Trajan:

  • The Forum of Trajan in Rome2002 by Behar Sackner
  • Trajan's Column1989 by Lionel Casson

Wiki information Trajan:

  • Trajan
    Monarch, Dedicatee, Noble person, Military Commander, Person, Deceased Person, Name source, Politician

    Trajan was Roman emperor from 98 AD until his death in 117 AD. Officially declared by the Senate as optimus princeps, Trajan is remembered as a successful soldier-emperor who presided over the greatest military expansion in Roman history, leading the...

  • Trajan's Column
    Roman Structure, Structure, Place of interment, Location, Project focus

    Trajan's Column is a Roman triumphal column in Rome, Italy, that commemorates Roman emperor Trajan's victory in the Dacian Wars. It was probably constructed under the supervision of the architect Apollodorus of Damascus at the order of the Roman...

  • Trajan

    Trajan is an old style serif typeface designed in 1989 by Carol Twombly for Adobe. The design is based on the letterforms of capitalis monumentalis or Roman square capitals, as used for the inscription at the base of Trajan's Column from which the...

  • Trajan Langdon
    Basketball Player, Identity, Person, Measured person, Athlete

    Trajan Shaka Langdon is an American former professional basketball player. A 6 ft 3 ³⁄₄ in 210 lb. shooting guard, he first gained fame in the U.S. while playing college basketball at Duke University.

  • Trajan's Forum
    Structure, Project focus, Location

    Trajan's Forum was the last of the Imperial fora to be constructed in ancient Rome. The architect Apollodorus of Damascus oversaw its construction.

  • Decius
    Monarch, Deceased Person, Noble person, Person Or Being In Fiction, Founding Figure, Politician, Person

    Trajan Decius, was Roman Emperor from 249 to 251. In the last year of his reign, he co-ruled with his son Herennius Etruscus until they were both killed in the Battle of Abritus.

  • Baths of Trajan
    Roman Structure, Building, Structure, Location, Project focus

    The Baths of Trajan were a massive thermae, a bathing and leisure complex, built in ancient Rome starting from 104 AD and dedicated during the Kalends of July in 109. Commissioned by Emperor Trajan, the complex of baths occupied space on the southern...

  • Trajan's Market
    Structure, Location, Project focus

    Trajan's Market is a large complex of ruins in the city of Rome, Italy, located on the Via dei Fori Imperiali, at the opposite end to the Colosseum. The surviving buildings and structures, built as an integral part of Trajan's Forum and nestled...

  • Arch of Trajan

    The Arch of Trajan is an ancient Roman triumphal arch in Benevento, southern Italy. It was erected to celebrate emperor Trajan across the Via Appia, at its entrance in the city.

  • Battle of the Gates of Trajan
    Military Conflict, Battle, Literature Subject, Event

    The Battle of the Gates of Trajan was a battle between Byzantine and Bulgarian forces in the year 986. It took place in the pass of the same name, modern Trayanovi Vrata, in Sofia Province, Bulgaria. It was the largest defeat of the Byzantines under...

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