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Tsiolkovsky Expression, Tsiolkovsky Soul Urge, Tsiolkovsky Inner Dream

Numerology information Tsiolkovsky:

  • Name Number: 7. Meaning: Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest

Songs about Tsiolkovsky:

  • Tsiolkovsky's Budget: a. S-IC / b. S-II / c. S-IVB by The Machine from the Album Drie

Books about Tsiolkovsky:

  • Selected Works of Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky - Nov 4, 2004 by Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky
  • The Science Fiction of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky - Oct 20, 2000 by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Adam Starchild
  • Konstantin Tsiolkovsky His Life and Work - Dec 1, 2000 by A. Kosmodemyansky and X. Danko
  • Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, His Life and Work - 1956 by A. Kosmodemyansky
  • The Russian Cosmists: The Esoteric Futurism of Nikolai Fedorov and His Followers - Jul 30, 2012 by George M. Young
  • Die Frau von Tsiolkovsky (German Edition) - Jun 1, 2013 by Harald Muellner
  • Tsiolkovsky Highway (Japanese Edition) - Oct 25, 2011 by yaginagaharu
  • Contemporary Authors: Biography - Tsiolkovsky, Konstantin Eduardovich (1857-1935) - Mar 8, 2005
  • Beyond: Our Future in Space - Apr 13, 2015 by Chris Impey
  • Dreams of Earth and Sky - Apr 21, 2015 by Freeman Dyson
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Wiki information Tsiolkovsky:

  • Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
    Scientist, Academic, Inventor, Author, Person, Name source, Deceased Person, Influence Node

    Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky was a Russian and Soviet rocket scientist and pioneer of the astronautic theory, of Polish and Russian descent. Along with his followers, the German Hermann Oberth and the American Robert H. Goddard, he is...

  • Tsiolkovsky rocket equation

    The Tsiolkovsky rocket equation, or ideal rocket equation, describes the motion of vehicles that follow the basic principle of a rocket: a device that can apply acceleration to itself by expelling part of its mass with high speed and thereby move due...

  • Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics
    Building, Project focus, Location, Namesake, Tourist attraction, Museum, Structure

    The Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics is the first museum in the world dedicated to the history of space exploration. It was opened on 3 October 1967 in Kaluga, and is named after Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a school...

  • Tsiolkovskiy
    Impact crater, Extraterrestrial location, Namesake

    Tsiolkovskiy is a large lunar impact crater that is located on the far side of the Moon. Named for Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, it lies in the southern hemisphere, to the west of the large crater Gagarin, and northwest of Milne. Just to...

  • Tsiolkovsky
    Fictional Character, Film character

    Tsiolkovsky is a fictional character from Vzlyot.

  • Ignaty Tsiolkovsky
    Deceased Person, Person

  • Edward Tsiolkovsky
    Man, Person

  • Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
    Fictional Character, Film character

    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky is a fictional character from the 1957 film Road to the Stars.

  • Rendezvous with Tsiolkovsky

  • Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky
    Image, Content

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