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Yaacov Expression, Yaacov Soul Urge, Yaacov Inner Dream

Numerology information Yaacov:

  • Name Number: 4. Meaning: Stability, Sameness, Regular, Rules, Condition, Responsibility, Routine, Frame, Detail, Order

Songs about Yaacov:

  • Al Tira Avdi Yaacov by Shevet Achim from the Album Beyond the Sounds
  • Fantasy [feat. Yaacov Mayman] by Bellyhouse Lilith from the Album Chantress
  • Mashiah' Malki / Kassida H'idjaz Mashraki - Soliste Yaacov Alkobi by Orchestre Andalou D'Israel from the Album New Generation
  • Prolonged Shofar Variations - for Horn Solo - Yaacov Mishori by Deborah Thurlow from the Album I Am
  • Shoshanat Yaa'Cov by David and the High Spirit from the Album Real Complete Jewish Holidays and Festivals
  • Shoshanat Yaa'Cov by David and the High Spirit from the Album High Holidays & All Jewish Holidays, Vol. 2
  • Shoshanat Yaa'Cov by David and the High Spirit from the Album All Need for All the Jewish Holiday
  • Shoshanat Yaa'Cov by David and the High Spirit from the Album Purim Party & More
  • Shoshanat Yaa'cov by David and the High Spirit from the Album Music for All Jewish - Israeli Holidays, Vol. 2
  • Shoshanat Yaa'cov by David and the High Spirit from the Album Purim Songs and Prayers with Ani Purim, Hag Purim, Shoshanat Yaa'cov, Hine Ma Tov Umanaim and More
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Books about Yaacov:

  • Speed Dating: The Smarter, Faster Way to Lasting Love - Mar 19, 2002 by Yaacov Deyo and Sue Deyo
  • Homage to Yaacov Agam - Mar 1981 by Yaacov Agam
  • Applied Quantitative Analysis in Education and the Social Sciences - Mar 6, 2013 by Yaacov Petscher and Christopher Schatschneider
  • Yaacov Kaufman, Silent Visitors - Dec 2005
  • Reb Yisrael Salanter: The Story of Rabbi Yisrael Lipkin - 1995 by Yaacov Dovid Shulman
  • Song of Teshuvah: Book Two: A Commentary on Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook's Oros HaTeshuvah, 2: VIII-X - Sep 1, 2012 by Yaacov Dovid Shulman and Rav Moshe Weinberger
  • The Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna: Mashiach ben Yoseph and the Messianic Role of Torah, Kabbalah and Science... - Apr 26, 2013 by Joel David Bakst and Miriam Leah Ben-Yaacov
  • Efficient and Adaptive Estimation for Semiparametric Models (1384) - May 8, 1998 by Peter J. Bickel and Chris A.J. Klaassen
  • Don't Accept Me as I am: Helping "Retarded" People to Excel - Aug 31, 1988 by Reuven Feuerstein and Ya'acov Rand
  • Statistical Theory: A Concise Introduction (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science) - Apr 25, 2013 by Felix Abramovich and Ya'acov Ritov
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Wiki information Yaacov:

  • Yaacov Agam
    Person, Author, Visual Artist

    Yaacov Agam is an Israeli sculptor and experimental artist best known for his contributions to optical and kinetic art.

  • Yaacov Lozowick
    Author, Person

    Yaacov Lozowick, is a German-born Israeli historian and writer. He was the director of the archives at Yad Vashem. Currently he is Israel’s Chief Archivist at the Israel State Archives.

  • Yaacov Shavit
    Author, Person

    Yaacov Shavit is a professor at the Department of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University. His main fields of study are the history of modern Israel and modern Jewish intellectual and cultural history. Shavit has also written about the Afrocentrism...

  • Beth Yaacov Synagogue
    Building, Structure, Location, Project focus, Place of worship

    The Beth Yaakov Synagogue is a synagogue in Madrid, Spain. Jews began to return to Spain in the nineteenth century, long after the execution and movement of Catholicism throughout the entirety of Spain and established a synagogue in Madrid in 1917....

  • Yaacov Hecht
    Man, Person

    Yaacov Hecht, is an Israeli educator and worldwide pioneer of democratic education. Yaacov Hecht is an internationally distinguished leader and visionary in democratic education, learning theory, and societal change. In 1987, Hecht founded the...

  • Yitzchak Yaacov Reines
    Rabbi, Name source, Person, Organization founder, Deceased Person

    Yitzchak Yaacov Reines, was a Lithuanian Orthodox rabbi and the founder of the Mizrachi Religious Zionist Movement, one of the earliest movements of Religious Zionism, as well as a correspondent of Theodor Herzl.

  • Yaacov Pat

    Yaacov Pat was a commander of the Haganah in pre-state Israel.

  • Yaacov Bergman
    Conductor, Person

    Yaacov Bergman is an Israeli born conductor. He is currently the Musical Director and Conductor of the Walla Walla Symphony, the Portland Chamber Orchestra and previously the Musical Director of the Colorado Springs Symphony, the New York Heritage...

  • Yaacov Kaufman

    Yaacov Kaufman is a notable Israeli industrial designer.

  • Yaacov Haber
    Man, Person

    Yaacov Haber is a rabbi has taught Jews about Jewish heritage for almost thirty years.

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