Meaning : Child of Bow and Arrow, Child Of Bow And Arrow, Helpful beautiful child,

Origin : Japanese,

Pronunciation : Yu Mi Ko, yoo-mee-ko  ,

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Yumiko Expression, Yumiko Soul Urge, Yumiko Inner Dream

Numerology information Yumiko:

  • Name Number: 4. Meaning: Stability, Sameness, Regular, Rules, Condition, Responsibility, Routine, Frame, Detail, Order

Additional information Yumiko:

  • This female Japanese name is very common across Asia, however it is most popular within Japan or Japanese speaking communities. When written using Japanese characters this name is uncommon in the fact that it requires three symbols. The first is ‘Yu’ which means helpful or assisting, the second is ‘Mi’ which means beautiful or attractive and the third is the most common character is names which is ‘Ko’ meaning child.
  • Japanese Meaning: The name Yumiko is a Japanese baby name. In Japanese the meaning of the name Yumiko is: Arrow child.
  • From Japanese 弓 (yumi) "archery bow" or 由 (yu) "reason" with 美 (mi) "beautiful" combined with 子 (ko) "child".

Definition funny of Yumiko:

  • Man that Yumiko is pretty darn hot, but she is a Yumiko so let us not get with her

Expression information Yumiko:

  • People with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times.

Soul information Yumiko:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge and experience, or creative and artistic ability.

Songs about Yumiko:

  • ???????? (feat. Yumiko Kato) by Ryo-Ki from the Album ???????? (feat. Yumiko Kato)
  • Love You (feat. Michelle Yumiko Payne & Shinobi (The Mc)) by nouvo nude from the Album NEW WORLD
  • Love You (feat. Michelle Yumiko Payne & Shinobi (The Mc)) by nouvo nude from the Album TOKYO MIDNIGHT DRIVE
  • Love You (feat. Michelle Yumiko Payne & Shinobi (The Mc)) by nouvo nude from the Album NEW WORLD
  • Love You (feat. Michelle Yumiko Payne & Shinobi) (Club Mix) by nouvo nude from the Album TOKYO MIDNIGHT DRIVE
  • Muchi Muchi Ms. Yumiko by La Choy from the Album Kaze Hakase
  • Nach Bach: XV Hommage a Yumiko Meguri by Yumiko Meguri from the Album Keiko Harada: F-Fragments, Works for Accordion and Piano
  • No More Killing (Yumiko Tsuji Version) by Ryo Totsuka from the Album No More Killing
  • One Love (feat. Yumiko Kato, Akira & ????) by Ryo-Ki & ???? from the Album One Love (feat. Yumiko Kato, Akira & ????)
  • Open Me (Remix by Yumiko Ohno) by Maika Leboutet from the Album 100
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Books about Yumiko:

  • Simply Stitched: Beautiful Embroidery Motifs and Projects with Wool and Cotton - Mar 15, 2016 by Yumiko Higuchi
  • Rustic Modern Knits: 23 Sophisticated Designs - Nov 28, 2014 by Yumiko Alexander
  • Rustic Modern Crochet: 18 Designs Inspired by Nature - Jan 16, 2014 by Yumiko Alexander
  • Yumiko Kayukawa - Japanese Wolf - Jul 15, 2013 by Yumiko Kayukawa
  • The Woman with the Flying Head and Other Stories (Japanese Women Writing) - Oct 2, 1997 by Kurahashi Yumiko and Atsuko Sakaki
  • Rethinking Identity in Modern Japan: Nationalism as Aesthetics (Routledge/Asian Studies Association of Australia... - Dec 14, 2013 by Yumiko Iida
  • Workbook/Laboratory Manual to Accompany Yookoso!: Continuing With Contemporary Japanese - Jul 1999 by Sachiko Fuji and Hifumi Ito
  • More How To Draw Manga Volume 2: Penning Characters - May 18, 2004 by Kazuaki Morita and Yumiko Deguchi
  • Yookoso! An Invitation to Contemporary Japanese; Part A; Workbook/Laboratory Manual to Accompany - Aug 1, 1993 by Sachiko Fuji and Hifumi Ito
  • Otona no tame no zankoku dowa - 1984 by Yumiko Kurahashi
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Movies about Yumiko:

  • "The Gental Crackdown 2" (US Version)(In Cantonese w/ Chinese & English Subtitled) Hong Kong TVB 20 Episode Drama...2008
  • Shaku Yumiko Network~ドラマティックに恋をして~
  • Sci-Fi Live Action - Kokonoe Yumiko No Comet San Hd Remaster DVD Box Part 1 Hd Remastered Edition DVD Box Part... Unrated
  • Sci-Fi Live Action - Kokonoe Yumiko No Comet San Hd Remaster DVD Box Part 2 Hd Remastered Edition DVD Box Part... Unrated
  • Karaoke - DVD Karaoke Zenkyokushu Best 8 Inoue Yumiko [Japan DVD] KIBK-6025 Unrated

Wiki information Yumiko:

  • Yumiko Igarashi
    Topic, Comic Book Creator, Person, Visual Artist

    Yumiko Igarashi is a female Japanese manga artist. She is a resident of Sapporo, Hokkaido. She is also the cousin of fellow manga artist Satsuki Igarashi; a member of Clamp. In 1968, as a third-year high school student at the Asahi Gaoka High School...

  • Yumiko Shaku
    Gravure idol, Musician, TV Actor, Person, Musical Artist, Film actor

    Yumiko Shaku, born in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese actress and model. Her management is Tommy's Artist Company.

  • Ryō
    Singer, TV Actor, Film actor, Person, Influence Node

    Ryō is a Japanese model, actress, voice actress and former singer whose birth name is Yumiko Miyada.

  • Yumiko Kobayashi
    Actor, Person, TV Actor, Musical Artist, Topic, Film actor, Musician

    Yumiko Kobayashi is a Japanese voice actress. She is a freelance voice actor, but until August 2007 was affiliated with Arts Vision. Kobayashi was born in Yōkaichiba, Chiba Prefecture. She and fellow Excel Saga voice actress Mikako Takahashi are...

  • Yumiko Cheng
    Singer, Musical Artist, Topic, Person, Musician, Film actor

    Yumiko Cheng is a Hong Kong-based Cantopop singer. Cheng was given the Japanese nickname "Yumiko" by her friends in secondary school, and upon signing with EEG, adopted it as her official stagename.

    Singer, Musician, Musical Artist, , Lyricist, Person, Composer

  • Ringo Sheena
    Alternative Artist, Film music contributor, Topic, Musical Artist, Award Nominee, Songwriter, Featured artist, Musician, Person, Record Producer

    Yumiko Shiina, known by her stage name Ringo Sheena, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, music composer and music producer. She is also the founder and lead vocalist of the band Tokyo Jihen. She describes herself as "Shinjuku-kei Jisaku-Jien-ya". She...

  • Yumiko Hotta
    Athlete, Person, Measured person

    Yumiko Hotta is a Japanese professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. Hotta was trained by and started her career in the All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling promotion in June 1985. She worked for the promotion until 2003, becoming a three-time WWWA...

  • Yumiko Kokonoe
    Musical Artist, Musician, Person, Featured artist, Topic

    Yumiko Kokonoe is a Japanese actress and singer. She is the protagonist of the series Comet San filmed by Tokyo Broadcasting Corporation. 79 episodes of Comet San were produced during 1967 and 1968 by TBS.

  • Yumiko Nogawa
    Actor, TV Actor, Topic, Person, Film actor

    Yumiko Nogawa is a Japanese actress born in Kyoto, Japan. She has starred in several movies, notably Gate of Flesh, a Japanese erotic film, part of a trilogy of films she made with director Seijun Suzuki. Including Story of a Prostitute and Carmen...

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