Meaning : Flower name, Flower Name,

Origin : Greek,

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Asphodel Expression, Asphodel Soul Urge, Asphodel Inner Dream

Numerology information Asphodel:

  • Name Number: 8. Meaning: Outer, Body, Physical, Ambition, Power, Progress, Career, Success, Respect, Fame, Means, Karma

Songs about Asphodel:

  • Asphodel by Skalpel from the Album Skalpel
  • Asphodel by Syren City from the Album Fire in Your Name / Asphodel - Single
  • Asphodel by Mermaid In A Manhole from the Album Flesh Drapes The Spires
  • Asphodel by Point Of Ares from the Album The Sorrows Of Young Apollo
  • Asphodel by Syren City from the Album Escape - EP
  • Asphodel by Glen Or Glenda from the Album Reasons In The Sun
  • Asphodel by Joi Noir from the Album Joi Noir
  • Asphodel by Brokenkites from the Album Generation Ships
  • Asphodel by Aliens At Home from the Album Vermin Street Idm/Core Series: Issue 1
  • Asphodel by Perry Frank from the Album Ideal Chill V
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Books about Asphodel:

  • Asphodel - Aug 13, 1992 by Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) and Robert Spoo
  • Asphodel, That Greeny Flower and Other Love Poems: That Greeny Flower (New Directions Bibelot) - Nov 1, 1994 by William Carlos Williams and Herbert Liebowitz
  • Shadows of Asphodel - May 11, 2015 by Karen Kincy
  • Court of Asphodels (Greek Tales Book 1) - Aug 2, 2015 by Elisa E. Enzo
  • Asphodel Plantation Cookbook - Aug 31, 1999 by Marcelle Couhig
  • Clockwork Menagerie: A Shadows of Asphodel Novella - Sep 1, 2015 by Karen Kincy
  • The Pagan Book of Hours : Breviary - Mar 13, 2013 by First Kingdom Church of Asphodel, The Order of the Horae
  • Amaranth and asphodel; songs from the Greek anthology - May 15, 2014 by Alfred Joshua Butler
  • Odin's Chosen: A Handbook of Ásatrú - Mar 7, 2015 by Faolchú Ifreann and Tyrsoak Josephsson
  • Mother Asphodel - Nov 5, 2014 by Edward C. Patterson
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Wiki information Asphodel:

  • Asphodelus
    Biological Genus, Organism Classification

    Asphodelus is a genus of mainly perennial plants in the Xanthorrhoeaceae, first described for modern science in 1753. The genus is native to temperate Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent, and now...

  • Asphodel Meadows

    The Asphodel Meadows is a section of the Ancient Greek underworld where ordinary souls were sent to live after death.

  • Asphodel Records
    Defunct Organization, Organization, Record label, Employer, Business Operation, Social network user

    Asphodel Ltd was a San Francisco-based independent record label founded by musician Mitzi Johnson in 1992. The label is named after the mythological flower that grows along the banks of the River Styx in Hades. The label had shut down as of January...

  • Asphodel-Norwood
    Location, Statistical region

    Asphodel-Norwood is a township in central-eastern Ontario, Canada, in Peterborough County. The township comprises the communities of Birdsall, Birdsall Station, Norwood and Westwood. The township was created in its current form on January 1, 1998...

  • Meads of Asphodel
    Black metal Artist, Musical Artist, Musical Group

    The Meads of Asphodel are a British black metal band with pronounced medieval, Eastern, Punk, and Progressive Metal influences from Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

  • Narthecium ossifragum
    Biological Species, Organism Classification

    Narthecium ossifragum, commonly known as bog asphodel, Lancashire asphodel or bastard asphodel, is a plant of Western Europe, found on wet, boggy moorlands up to about 1000 m in elevation. It produces spikes of bright yellow flowers in summer. The...

  • Asphodelus albus
    Biological Species, Organism Classification

    Asphodelus albus, common name White asphodel, is a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the genus Asphodelus.

  • Asphodeloideae
    Organism Classification

    Asphodeloideae is a subfamily of the monocot family Xanthorrhoeaceae in the order Asparagales. It has previously been treated as a separate family, Asphodelaceae. The subfamily name is derived from the generic name of the type genus, Asphodelus....

  • Asphodelus ramosus
    Organism Classification

    Asphodelus ramosus, also known as branched asphodel, is a perennial herb in the Asparagales order. Similar in appearance to Asphodelus albus and particularly Asphodelus cerasiferus, it may be distinguished by its highly branched stem and smaller...

  • Asphodel
    Musical Release, Creative Work, Consumer product

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