Meaning : To Rip Open, To rip open,

Origin : Arabic,

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Baqir Expression, Baqir Soul Urge, Baqir Inner Dream

Numerology information Baqir:

  • Name Number: 2. Meaning: Partnership, Sense, Other, Passive, Assistance, Acceptance, Intimacy, Peace

Additional information Baqir:

  • Muslim Meaning: The name Baqir is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Baqir is: Deeply learned. Genius.
  • Means "to rip open" in Arabic. Muhammad Al-Baqir was the fifth Holy Imam of the Shiite Muslims.

Expression information Baqir:

  • People with this name tend to be idealistic, highly immaginative, intuitive, and spiritual. They seek after spiritual truth and often find it. They tend to be visionary and may inspire others. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become dreamers, or misuse power.

Soul information Baqir:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

Songs about Baqir:

  • Beemar Nauhi Peu Baqir by Ishtiaq Hussain Diek from the Album Ishtiaq Hussain Diek - Ae Waqat K Hussain, Vol. 7
  • Kar Madad Meri Baqir by Mir Hasan Mir from the Album Ya Aba Abdillah
  • Kar Madad Meri Baqir Beta by Mir Hassan Mir from the Album Ya Aba Abdillah
  • Mei Kaise Bhulaon Baqir by Saleem Raza from the Album Maula Hussain Hai
  • Mir Baqir Sahib by Zia Mohyeddin from the Album Zia Mohyeddin Reads Vol. 3

Books about Baqir:

  • Baqir - Oct 1, 2012 by Wile Jr, Mr Carl F
  • The Awaited Savior - Sep 26, 2014 by Ayatullah Baqir Al Sadr and Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari
  • Our Philosophy - Sep 28, 2014 by As Sadr, Muhammad Baqir
  • Kashaful Salat - Sep 17, 2011 by Syed Baqir Nisar Zaidi and Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi
  • Kashaful Wilayah - Oct 8, 2011 by Syed Baqir Nisar Zaidi and Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi
  • Contemporary Man And The Social Problem - Oct 5, 2014 by Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr and Yasin T. Al-Jibouri
  • Behar al-Anwar, Volume 43 - Jan 7, 2015 by Allamah Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi and Muhammad Sarwar
  • Advice on the Art of Governance (Mau'izah-i Jahangiri) of Muhammad Baqir Najm-i Sani (SUNY Series in Near Eastern... - Jul 1, 1989 by Sajida Sultana Alvi
  • Biography of Imam Muhammad Baqir (as): A short History of Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) (Biographical series about... - Mar 24, 2014 by Mohammed Akberali
  • The Revealer the Messenger the Message - Sep 27, 2014 by As Sadr, Muhammad Baqir
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Wiki information Baqir:

  • Muhammad al-Baqir
    Deceased Person, Religious Leader, Person

    Muḥammad al-Bāqir, was the fifth Shiite imam, succeeding his father Zayn al-Abidin and succeeded by his son Ja'far al-Sadiq. He was the first imam descended from both grandsons of Muhammad, i.e. Imam Hasan ibn Ali and Imam Husayn ibn Ali. Many...

  • Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr
    Organization founder, Religious Leader, Person, Deceased Person, Family member, Author, Influence Node

    Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr was an Iraqi Shia cleric, philosopher, and ideological founder of the Islamic Dawa Party, born in al-Kazimiya, Iraq. He is the father-in-law of Muqtada al-Sadr and cousin of both Muhammad Sadeq al-Sadr and Imam Musa as-Sadr....

  • Muhammad Baqir Majlisi
    Man, Person, Deceased Person

    Muhammad Baqir Majlesi, known as Allamah Majlesi or Majlesi-ye Thani, was a renowned and very powerful Iranian Twelver Shi'a cleric, during the Safavid era. He has been described as "one of the most powerful and influential Shi'a ulema of all time",...

  • Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim
    Topic, Family member, Religious Leader, Deceased Person, Person, Organization founder

    Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim, also known as Shaheed al-Mehraab, was a senior Iraqi Shia cleric and the leader of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. He was assassinated in a bomb attack in Najaf in 2003.

  • Taha Baqir
    Man, Person, Deceased Person

    Taha Baqir was an Iraqi archaeologist, author, cuneiformist, linguist, historian, and former curator of the National Museum of Iraq. Baqir is considered one of Iraq's most eminent archaeologists. Among the works he is remembered for are his Akkadian...

  • Baqir Jabr al-Zubeidi
    Politician, Person

    Baqir Jabr Al-Zubeidi, also known as Bayan Jabr Solagh, is a former commander of the Badr Brigades who served as the Finance Minister of Iraq in the government of Nouri al-Maliki. He served as Minister of Interior, in charge of the police, in the...

  • Muhammad Baqir Behbahani
    Man, Person

    Muhammad Baqir ibn Muhammad Akmal al-Wahid Bihbahani, also Vahid Behbahani, or also Waheed Behbahani, was a Twelver Shia Islamic scholar. He is widely regarded as the founder or restorer of the Usuli school of Twelver Shi'a Islam and as playing a...

  • Muhammad Baqir al-Muhri
    Deceased Person, Person

    Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Al-Mūsawī Al-Muhrī was a Kuwaiti Ayatullah. He studied in seminaries in Najaf, Iraq under Grand Ayatollah Abul-Qassim Khoei and Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr.

  • Ja'far al-Sadiq
    Name source, Person, Influence Node, Religious Leader, Deceased Person

    Ja'far ibn Muḥammad al-Ṣādiq, commonly known as Ja'far al-Sadiq or simply al-Sadiq, is the sixth Shia Imam. He was a descendant of Ali from his father Muhammad al-Baqir's side and a descendant of Abu Bakr from his mother Farwa's side. He is the last...

  • Muhammad Baqir Yazdi
    Mathematician, Person

    Muhammad Baqir Yazdi was an Iranian mathematician who lived in the 16th century. He gave the pair of amicable numbers 9,363,584 and 9,437,056 many years before Euler's contribution to amicable numbers. He was the last notable Islamic mathematician....

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