Meaning : Yellow And Black Flying, Stinging Insect, Yellow and black flying, stinging insect,

Origin : English,

Pronunciation : BEE  ,

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Bee Expression, Bee Soul Urge, Bee Inner Dream

Numerology information Bee:

  • Name Number: 3. Meaning: Communication, Interaction, Friendship, Joy, Lightness, Humor, Art, Positivity, Optimism

Additional information Bee:

  • Latin Meaning: The name Bee is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Bee is: F: Ameaning bringer of joy. In the Divine Comedy, Beatrice was Dante's guide through Paradise, perhaps inspired by Beatrice Portinari who was Dante's earliest love.
  • American Meaning: The name Bee is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Bee is: F: Ameaning bringer of joy. In the Divine Comedy, Beatrice was Dante's guide through Paradise, perhaps inspired by Beatrice Portinari who was Dante's earliest love.
  • Short form of BEATRIX and other names beginning with B.

Definition funny of Bee:

  • E.G. " I love you bee ^_^"
  • Once I have finished with the humans, I shall begin my war against... THE BEES! -Zim
  • Watch out for that bumble bee, he has had a few and is heading your way!!!
  • Yo bee what it do? how it going? what you up to?
  • "you are my bee." "awww, no way cos you are my bee." "awww bees forever"
  • in the event of war, nature uses bees for enemy base destruction tactics since they appear in large numbers and are the worlds most reliable suicide bombers.
  • John: There's a bee camping right outside my door and I can't get outside!

Expression information Bee:

  • People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. They tend to become involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.

Soul information Bee:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

Songs about Bee:

  • Honey Bee by Blake Shelton from the Album Red River Blue (Deluxe)
  • Honey Bee by Blake Shelton from the Album The Blake Shelton Collection
  • I'm A King Bee (Album Version) by Mahogany Rush from the Album Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Live
  • Immortality (With Bee Gees) by Céline Dion;Bee Gees from the Album My Love Essential Collection
  • The Flight of the Bumble-Bee by Gewandhausorchester Leipzig conducted by Gerhart Wiesenhütter from the Album Flight of the Bumble-Bee
  • I'll Bee Dat [Explicit] by Redman from the Album Doc's Da Name 2000 (Explicit Version)
  • #557: Birds & Bees by This American Life from the Album #557: Birds & Bees
  • Sting Like a Bee by The Mighty Sceptres from the Album All Hail the Mighty Sceptres!
  • Bee's Knees (1993 Remastered Version) by The John Barry Seven from the Album The Bee's Knees (The EMI Years 1957 - 1962)
  • How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees) by The Magic Orchestra from the Album Instrumental Highlights - Saxophon & More
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Books about Bee:

  • Bee - Mar 28, 2012 by Rose-Lynn Fisher and Verlyn Klinkenborg
  • The Beekeeper's Bible: Bees, Honey, Recipes & Other Home Uses - Apr 1, 2011 by Richard Jones and Sharon Sweeney-Lynch
  • Bee & Me - Mar 4, 2014 by Elle J. McGuinness
  • Little Bee: A Novel - Feb 16, 2010 by Chris Cleave
  • Little Bee - Apr 3, 2012 by Edward Gibbs
  • The Secret Life of Bees - Jan 28, 2003 by Sue Monk Kidd
  • The Bees: A Novel - May 12, 2015 by Laline Paull
  • Are You a Bee? (Backyard Books) - May 13, 2004 by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries
  • The Life and Times of the Honeybee - Aug 25, 1997 by Charles Micucci
  • Beginner's Guide to Backyard Beekeeping: From Finding Bees to Harvesting Honey (Homesteading & Backyard Farming) - Apr 24, 2015 by Monica Hamilton
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Movies about Bee:

  • Maya The Bee2015 G CC
  • Invasion Of The Bee Girls2012 R CC
  • Bee Movie2007 PG CC
  • Birds and The Bees NR CC
  • The Secret Life Of Bees2008 PG-13 CC
  • Killer Bees2009 NR
  • Akeelah and the Bee2006 PG CC
  • Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling us?2012 NR CC
  • Bee Gees - One Night Only2010 NR
  • Garden Travels Visit a Bee Farm Garden Valley Ranch2006 NR CC
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Wiki information Bee:

  • Beekeeping
    Industry, Film subject, Literature Subject, Hobby, Interest

    Beekeeping is the maintenance of honey bee colonies, commonly in hives, by humans. A beekeeper keeps bees in order to collect their honey and other products that the hive produces, to pollinate crops, or to produce bees for sale to other beekeepers....

  • Bee
    Literature Subject, Film subject, Animal, Character Species, Organism Classification

    Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, known for their role in pollination and, in the case of the best-known bee species, the European honey bee, for producing honey and beeswax. Bees are a monophyletic lineage within the...

  • Beehive
    Literature Subject

    A beehive is an enclosed structure in which some honey bee species of the subgenus Apis live and raise their young. Natural beehives are naturally occurring structures occupied by honeybee colonies, such as hollowed-out trees, while domesticated...

  • Bee Gees
    Soft rock Artist, Person, Composer, Award Winner, Musical Group, Musical Artist, Musician, Social network user, TV subject, Broadcast Artist

    The Bee Gees were a pop music group formed in 1958. The group's line-up consisted of brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb. The trio were successful for most of their decades of recording music, but they had two distinct periods of exceptional...

  • Bumblebee
    Biological Genus, Organism Classification

    A bumblebee, also written bumble bee, is a member of the bee genus Bombus, in the family Apidae. The brood parasitic or cuckoo bumblebees have sometimes been classified as a subgenus or genus, Psithyrus, but are now usually treated as members of...

  • Honey bee
    Biological Genus, Organism Classification, Literature Subject, Ingredient

    A honey bee, in contrast with the stingless honey bee, is any bee that is a member of the genus Apis, primarily distinguished by the production and storage of honey and the construction of perennial, colonial nests from wax. Honey bees are the only...

  • Western honey bee
    Biological Species, Animal, Domesticated animal, Drug ingredient, Organism Classification

    The western honey bee or European honey bee is a species of honey bee. The genus name Apis is Latin for "bee", and mellifera means "honey-bearing".

  • Queen bee
    Organism Classification

    The term queen bee is typically used to refer to an adult, mated female that lives in a honey bee colony or hive; she is usually the mother of most, if not all, the bees in the beehive. The queens are developed from larvae selected by worker bees and...

  • The Sacramento Bee
    Award-Nominated Work, Periodical, Award-Winning Work, Newspaper, Publication

    The Sacramento Bee is a daily newspaper published in Sacramento, California, in the United States. Since its founding in 1857, The Bee has become the largest newspaper in Sacramento, the fifth largest newspaper in California, and the 27th largest...

  • Bee-Line Bus System
    Mass Transportation System, Organization

    The Bee-Line Bus System, branded on the buses in lowercase as the bee-line system, is a bus system serving Westchester County, New York. The system is owned by the County's Department of Public Works and Transportation. It was founded in May 1, 1978...

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