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Calcar Expression, Calcar Soul Urge, Calcar Inner Dream

Numerology information Calcar:

  • Name Number: 2. Meaning: Partnership, Sense, Other, Passive, Assistance, Acceptance, Intimacy, Peace

Songs about Calcar:

  • Antes de Calçar os Sapatos by Marcio Mello from the Album Fita Cassete
  • Calcar by Albatros 67 from the Album Ginger
  • Calcar Na Tená by Los Berrones from the Album 10 Años Berrando
  • Calcar na Tená by Los Berrones from the Album Los Número 1 Del Agrorock
  • Calcar na Tená by Los Berrones from the Album Da-Y Fuerte
  • Calcar na Tená (Live) by Los Berrones from the Album Los Berrones

Books about Calcar:

  • Geschichte der Stadt Calcar waÌhrend ihrer BluÌthe, mit BeruÌcksichtigung der fruÌheren und spaÌteren Zeit, etc. - Apr 27, 2010 by J. A. Wolff
  • Plana para calcar: Jose Manuel Sanchez y su leccion venezolana (Spanish Edition) - 1987 by Manuel Rafael Rivero
  • Voordrachten over algemeene biologie (Dutch Edition) - Jan 1, 1915 by Reinders Pieters van Calcar
  • Het hedendaagsch standpunt van het toxinevraagstuk: Rede ter aanvaarding van het hoogleeraarsambt in de bacteriologie... - Jan 1, 1905 by Reinders Pieters van Calcar
  • Immunitätsreaktionen und einige ihrer praktischen Verwendungen für Klinik und Laboratorium (German Edition) - Jan 1, 1908 by Reinders Pieters van Calcar
  • Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America: Fourth Edition (Peterson Field Guides) - Nov 15, 2006 by Fiona Reid
  • Geschichte der Stadt Calcar wahrend ihrer Bluthe, mit Berucksichtigung der fruheren und spateren Zeit, etc. (German... - Jun 23, 2011 by J A. Wolff
  • Die Pianofortefabrik W. Neuhaus Söhne Calcar (German Edition) - Apr 20, 2009 by Barbara Mühlenhoff
  • Johann Stephan von Calcar: Das Portrat des Melchior von Brauweiler von 1540 (Kunst in Kalkar) (German Edition) - 1992 by Marta Ausserhofer
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Wiki information Calcar:

  • Calcar

    The calcar, also known as the calcaneum, is the name given to a spur of cartilage arising from inner side of ankle and running along part of outer interfemoral membrane in bats, This is to help spread the interfemoral membrane, which is part of the...

  • Calcar avis

    The calcar avis, previously known as the hippocampus minor, is an involution of the wall of the lateral ventricle's posterior cornu produced by the calcarine fissure. It is sometimes visible on ultrasonogram and can resemble a clot.

  • Calcareous
    Mountain type

    Calcareous is an adjective meaning mostly or partly composed of calcium carbonate, in other words, containing lime or being chalky. The term is used in a wide variety of scientific disciplines.

  • Jan van Calcar
    Deceased Person, Person

    Jan Steven van Calcar was a German-born Italian painter.

  • Astralium calcar
    Organism Classification

    Astralium calcar is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Turbinidae, the turban snails.

  • Lates calcarifer
    Biological Species, Organism Classification

    The barramundi or Asian seabass is a species of catadromous fish in family Latidae of order Perciformes. The species is widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific region from the Persian Gulf, through Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea and Northern...

  • Patiriella calcar
    Biological Species, Organism Classification

    Patiriella calcar, commonly known as Carpet Sea Star or Cushion Sea Star or Eight-armed Sea Star, is an Australian species of sea star.

  • Calcareous sponge
    Biological Class, Organism Classification

    The calcareous sponges of class Calcarea are members of the animal phylum Porifera, the cellular sponges. They are characterized by spicules made out of calcium carbonate in the form of calcite or aragonite. While the spicules in most species have...

  • Calcarenite

    Calcarenite is a type of limestone that is composed predominantly, more than 50 percent, of detrital sand-size, carbonate grains. The grains consist of sand-size grains of either corals, shells, ooids, intraclasts, pellets, fragments of older...

  • CalCars
    Website Owner, Employer, Organization, Nonprofit organization

    CalCars is a charitable, non-profit organization founded in 2002 to promote plug-in hybrid electric vehicles as a key to addressing oil dependence and global warming both nationally and internationally. CalCars envisions millions of plug-in hybrid...

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