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Cethegus Expression, Cethegus Soul Urge, Cethegus Inner Dream

Numerology information Cethegus:

  • Name Number: 7. Meaning: Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest

Books about Cethegus:

  • An epistle from Sempronia to Cethegus. To which is added Cethegus's reply. - Jun 9, 2010 by George Sewell
  • Catiline's Conspiracy, The Jugurthine War, Histories (Oxford World's Classics) - Jun 6, 2010 by Sallust and William W. Batstone
  • Fortune's Favorites (Masters of Rome) - Nov 11, 2008 by Colleen McCullough
  • Sallust's Bellum Catilinae (American Philological Association Classical Texts with Commentary Series) - Jan 27, 2007 by J. T. Ramsey
  • The Jugurthine War / The Conspiracy of Catiline (Penguin Classics) - Feb 28, 1964 by Sallust and S. A. Handford
  • Catilina's Riddle: A Novel of Ancient Rome (Novels of Ancient Rome) - Nov 11, 2008 by Steven Saylor
  • The Catiline Conspiracy (SPQR II) - Aug 21, 2001 by John Maddox Roberts
  • Cicero: Catilinarians (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics) - Jun 2, 2008 by Marcus Tullius Cicero and Andrew R. Dyck
  • Conspirata: A Novel of Ancient Rome - Feb 2, 2010 by Robert Harris
  • Henle Latin III Answer Key - 1953 by Fr. Robert Henle
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Wiki information Cethegus:

  • Cethegus

    Cethegus is the cognomen of a Roman patrician family of the Cornelian gens. Like the younger Cato its members kept up the old Roman fashion of dispensing with the tunic and leaving the arms bare. The following individuals are of some...

  • Cethegus
    Organism Classification

    Cethegus is a genus of spiders in the funnel-web tarantulas family Dipluridae found in Australia.

  • Gaius Cornelius Cethegus
    Politician, Person

    Gaius Cornelius Cethegus was a consul of the Roman Republic in 197 BC, from the Cethegus branch of the gens Cornelia. He became proconsul in Spain in 200 BC and was elected aedile in absentia. In this office he arranged magnificent plays. During his...

  • Marcus Cornelius Cethegus
    Person, Politician, Deceased Person

    Marcus Cornelius Cethegus was a Roman Republican consul and censor during the Second Punic War, best known as a political ally of his kinsman Scipio Africanus.

  • Rufius Petronius Nicomachus Cethegus
    Man, Person

    Rufius Petronius Nicomachus Cethegus was a politician of Ostrogothic Italy and the Eastern Roman Empire. He was appointed consul for 504, and held the post without a colleague. His father was Petronius Probinus, the consul for 489 and prominent...

  • Cethegus
    Musical Artist, Musical Group

  • Cethegus
    Film character, Fictional Character

    Cethegus is a fictional character from the 1968 film Kampf um Rom.

  • Cethegus elegans
    Organism Classification

    Cethegus elegans is a species of spider in the genus Cethegus found in Queensland.

  • Publius Cornelius Cethegus
    Politician, Person

    Publius Cornelius Cethegus, Roman statesman, was a member of the gens Cornelia of the branch with the cognomen Cethegus. Cethegus was elected curule aedile in 187 BC, praetor in 185 BC and consul in 181 BC. During his consulship, the grave of the...

  • Publius Cornelius Cethegus
    Person, Deceased Person

    Publius Cornelius Cethegus, was a member of the gens Cornelia of the branch with the cognomen Cethegus. Cethegus was first a supporter of Gaius Marius but when Lucius Cornelius Sulla returned from the East after having beaten Mithridates Eupator,...

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    Publius Cornelius Cethegus (consul 181 BC) - Politician
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