Meaning : From Old Greek origin meaning young green shoot, a variant spelling of the English and German name Chloe, Verdant and blooming, Youth and Vitality, Verdant And Blooming,

Origin : Spanish, Greek, Italian,

Pronunciation : (KLO-ee), CLOH ee,

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Cloe Expression, Cloe Soul Urge, Cloe Inner Dream

Numerology information Cloe:

  • Name Number: 8. Meaning: Outer, Body, Physical, Ambition, Power, Progress, Career, Success, Respect, Fame, Means, Karma

Additional information Cloe:

  • Chloe is a name with Greek origins. The meaning of the name Chloe is verdant and blooming. The most common alternative spelling is Khloe. Other spellings include Cloe, Chloey, Chloie, Kloey, ad Kloe. The most common in nickname for Chloe is Chlo, pronounced with a long O sound, like low. A famous Chloe is actress Chloe Sevigny. Chloe Grace Moretz is another actress. Chloe Katz is an American figure skater. Singers named Chloe include Chloe Bennet, Chloe Agnew, and Chloe Rose Lattanzi. Athletes include Chloe Rogers and Chloe Sutton. Chloe Wofford is the birth name of author Toni Morrison. Fictional characters named Chloe include Chloe, a film starring Oscar nominee Marion Cotillard. Chloe is also names in the books Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Sleepovers, and Daphnis and Chloe. Television characters named Chloe appeared on 24, Days of Our Lives, Stargate Universe, and Chloe’s Closet. People who like the name Chloe also like names that are trendy and of British/Irish origins.
  • Cloe is a phonetically spelled variant of the popular feminine name Chloe, which is Greek in origin. Chloe comes from a Greek agricultural noun for a young plant shoot. This gives the name connotations of youth and vitality.
  • Spanish and Italian form of CHLOE

Definition funny of Cloe:

  • you look like a Cloé today (because of her beauty)
  • Zeroye: I am the most lucky girl in the whole world, because I'm with Cloe. :)
  • In regards to my son being away, he is suffering from a bad case of CLoE, and will not be attending until cured.

Songs about Cloe:

  • Chloe - Elton John
  • Chloe And The Pirates - Soft Machine
  • C Is For Cloe by Stephen Bennett from the Album Everything Under The Sun
  • 5 Pieces, Op. 142: No. 2. Dafne e Cloe by Andrea MacInanti from the Album Bossi: Opera omnia per Organo, Vol. 4
  • Alles Gute XXL (Liebe Cloe) by H.B. Day from the Album Alles Gute XXL - zum Geburtstag - Frauennamen mit C
  • Aristea: Finale: Fra cosi cari oggetti (Cloe, Chorus, Comone, Filinto, Licisco) by Andrea Lauren Brown from the Album Donizetti: Aristea
  • Aristea: Quartetto: Lungi dagli occhi miei! (Comone, Licisco, Filinto, Cloe) by Andreas Burkhart from the Album Donizetti: Aristea
  • Aristea: Quartetto: Misero cor, non sai (Cloe, Filinto, Licisco, Comone) by Andrea Lauren Brown from the Album Donizetti: Aristea
  • Aristea: Quartetto: Taci iniquo; io non t'ascolto (Comone, Filinto, Cloe, Licisco) by Andreas Burkhart from the Album Donizetti: Aristea
  • Aristea: Recitativo: Amar che giova (Corinna, Cloe, Filinto) by Caroline Adler from the Album Donizetti: Aristea
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Books about Cloe:

  • Get Quilting with Angela & Cloe: 14 Projects for Kids to Sew - May 1, 2015 by Angela Walters and Cloe Walters
  • Relationship Breakthrough - Apr 16, 2013 by Cloe Madanes and Anthony Robbins
  • From Stuckness to Growth: Enneagram Coaching (Enneagram, MBTI & Anthony Robbins-Cloe Madanes HNP): How to read... - Jan 18, 2012 by Yechezkel Madanes and Ruth Madanes
  • Behind the One-Way Mirror: Advances in the Practice of Strategic Therapy (Jossey Bass Social and Behavioral Science... - Mar 27, 1984 by Cloe Madanes
  • Sex, Love, and Violence: Strategies for Transformation - May 17, 1990 by Cloe Madanes
  • Strategic Family Therapy (Jossey Bass Social and Behavioral Science Series) - Jan 1981 by Cloe Madanes
  • Cloe. La lucha por sobrevivir (Spanish Edition) - Dec 10, 2011 by Violeta Sanchez Pintado
  • Cloe la Vaca Bailarina (Spanish Edition) - Sep 28, 2011 by Matt Ballard
  • Cloe la Vaca Bailarina & Chloe the Dancing Cow - Spanish and English Box Set (Spanish Edition) - Oct 1, 2011 by Matt Ballard
  • Anthony Robbins- Back From the Edge: Creating Everlasting Love [DVD] (Inner Strength Series) - 2005 by Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes
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Movies about Cloe:

  • Back From The Edge: Creating Everlasting Love - DVD - (Inner Strength Series) - Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes2005
  • Antoni Padrs Collection Unrated
  • Bratz -
  • The Quiet Room Unrated
  • El Ultimo Gran Mago (Blu-Ray) (Import Movie) (European Format - Zone B2) (2008) Catherine Zeta-Jones; Cloe Mac2008 Unrated
  • Antoni Padrós Collection - 4-DVD Box Set ( Alice has discovered the Napalm Bomb / Dafnis y Cloe / Pim, pam, pum...2012 Unrated
  • Antoni Padrós Collection - 4-DVD Box Set ( Alice has discovered the Napalm Bomb / Dafnis y Cloe / Pim, pam, pum...
  • Rolf de Heer Collection - 6-DVD Set ( The Quiet Room / Epsilon / Bad Boy Bubby / Dingo / Incident at Raven's Gate...
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