Meaning : Wolf lover, Of Celtic origin, Connor is predominatly a boys name meaning 'dog lover' or 'high desire', but rising in popularity as a girls name., Lover of hounds, Wolf Lover,

Origin : Gaelic, English (Modern), Celtic, Irish,

Pronunciation : CON nor, (CON-nor), KAHN-ər (English)  ,

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Connor Expression, Connor Soul Urge, Connor Inner Dream

Numerology information Connor:

  • Name Number: 7. Meaning: Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest

Additional information Connor:

  • Taken from the Gaelic name Conchobhar, Connor has become increasingly popular outside of Ireland.
  • Irish Meaning: The name Connor is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Connor is: Strong willed or wise 'Hound-lover.' Also from the Irish 'Coachuhhar', meaning high desire. Famous bearers: In Irish mythology Connor was an early king of Ulster.; 20th century Irish diplomat Conor Cruise O'Brien.
  • American Meaning: The name Connor is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Connor is: Strong willed or wise 'Hound-lover.' Also from the Irish 'Coachuhhar', meaning high desire. Famous bearers: In Irish mythology Connor was an early king of Ulster.; 20th century Irish diplomat Conor Cruise O'Brien.
  • Aww…Connor comes from the Gaelic name Conchobhar (pronunciation = no idea), meaning “dog lover.” It’s also another one of those trendy Irish surname names, and with a slew of (mis)spellings like Conner, it is actually more popular than its ranking suggests. It’s been popular in Ireland for many years, but it first hit the US charts in the ’80s, when it averaged a ranking of 494. Once it was introduced it rose rapidly, and though its dropped slightly from its peak in ’04 at 38, it’s still a fresh enough choice for your little guy.
  • Variant of CONOR

Definition funny of Connor:

  • omg look at the size of it he must be a connor
  • I wish i was Connor
  • i gotta take a connor. holy connor.son of a connor. your mom cooks connor meals. connor. your a connor lover. fuck this and may connor have mercy on your soul
  • "I love you, Connor!"
  • "That text was lame,i wish we had a connor" "Connor gets me hard" "Connor was raised by wolves"
  • Wow, Connor is awesome, i want to do him. I hate Connor because he is everything I am not.
  • "I want to fuck a connor."

Expression information Connor:

  • People with this name are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They tend to be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers. Because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective, and are usually introverts. When presented with issues, they will see the larger picture. Their solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.

Soul information Connor:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They also yearn to have beauty around them in their home and work environment.

Songs about Connor:

  • Tears From The Moon (feat. Sinéad O'Connor) by Conjure One from the Album Conjure One
  • Nothing Compares 2 U (In The Style Of Sinead O'Connor) by Karaoke Frenzy from the Album Backing Tracks For Professional Singers And Karaoke Artists, Vol. 89
  • Nothing Compares 2 U (Karaoke Version) (Originally Performed By Sinead O'connor) by Amazing Karaoke from the Album Best of 1980, Vol. 7 (Karaoke Version)
  • Nothing Compares 2 U (Originally Performed by Sinéad O'connor) [Piano Instrumental Backing Version] by Piano Karaoke from the Album Piano Karaoke, Vol. 3
  • Nothing Compares 2u (karaoke-version) As Made Famous By: Sinead O'Connor by Studio Group from the Album Karaoke Love Songs Part 1
  • Make 'Em Laugh (Originally Performed By Donald O'Connor) [Karaoke Version] by Paris Music from the Album Karaoke Hits TV & Film, Vol. 3
  • Higher State (Jon Medina Remix) [feat. Jodie Connor] by Bailey from the Album Higher State
  • Higher State (Danny Stubbs Remix) [feat. Jodie Connor] by Bailey from the Album Higher State
  • Tear It Down (feat. Jon Connor) [Explicit] by Slum Village from the Album YES [Explicit]
  • Believe (feat. Connor Zwetsch) by Trivecta from the Album Believe (feat. Connor Zwetsch)
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Books about Connor:

  • A Work in Progress: A Memoir - Apr 21, 2015 by Connor Franta
  • CONNOR (SEAL Team Seven) Book 1 - Feb 1, 2014 by Jordan Silver
  • Connor's Christmas Adventure - Sep 23, 2013 by Lisa Jones
  • Resurrection Science: Conservation, De-Extinction and the Precarious Future of Wild Things - Sep 15, 2015 by M. R. O'Connor
  • Connor (In the Company of Snipers) (Volume 5) - Nov 3, 2014 by Irish Winters
  • Soft Sounds of Pleasure (Those Devilish De Marco Men Book 1) - Apr 29, 2013 by Eden Connor
  • Conor: #2 (Kelly Clan) - Aug 11, 2014 by Madison Stevens
  • Love and War Part 1 (The Underworld Coven) - Dec 21, 2014 by Kim Faulks and Eden Connor
  • In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World - May 19, 2015 by Joey Graceffa
  • Connor's Gamble (New Orleans Connection Series Book 1) - Mar 18, 2014 by Kathy Ivan
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Movies about Connor:

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 12008 CC
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 22008 CC
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 22009 NR
  • Sports Innerview: Jimmy Connors1996 NR CC
  • In The Heat of the Night Season 2 and Season 32014
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 12008 NR
  • Connor's War2006 R CC
  • Branded - The Complete Series starring Chuck Connors! 6 DVD SET - OVER 19 HOURS!2010 NR
  • In The Heat of The Night TV Series (24 Hour Marathon Collection) Gift Box: Carroll O'Connor2012
  • Johnny Appleseed, Told by Garrison Keillor with Music by Mark O'Connor1992
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Famous about Connor:

  • Connor Paolo - actor
  • Connor Cruise - son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Infamous about Connor:

  • Connor Mead - character in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Wiki information Connor:

  • Sarah Connor
    Pop Artist, TV Actor, Musician, Identity, Featured artist, Topic, Musical Artist, TV program guest, Award Winner, Award Nominee

    Sarah Terenzi, better known by her stage name Sarah Connor, is a German singer, songwriter, and television personality. Connor debuted in 2001 under the guidance of artist manager George Glueck and became the first solo act to ever have four...

  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Down and Connor
    Diocese, Religious Jurisdiction, Dated location, Location

    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Down and Connor, is a Roman Catholic diocese in Northern Ireland. It is one of eight suffragan dioceses in the ecclesiastical province of Armagh and is subject to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Armagh. The incumbent...

  • Connor
    TV Character, Fictional Character

    Connor is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon and Tim Minear for the television series Angel. The character is portrayed as an infant by the triplets Connor, Jake, and Trenton Tupen and as a teenager by Vincent Kartheiser. Connor has a...

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Science Fiction TV Program, TV Program, Identity, Work of Fiction, Netflix Title, Award-Nominated Work, Topic, Adaptation

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is an American science fiction television series that aired on Fox. The show was produced by Warner Bros. Television, and C2 Pictures. It is a spin-off from the Terminator series of films. It revolves around...

  • Connor McDavid
    Ice Hockey Centre, Person, Measured person, Athlete

    Connor McDavid is a Canadian ice hockey centre currently under contract with the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League. After being named Player of the Year for the 2011–12 season of the Greater Toronto Hockey League, recording 79 goals and...

  • Sarah Connor
    Fictional Character, TV Character, Film character

    Sarah Jeanette Connor is a fictional character in the various universes depicted within the Terminator franchise. She appears as the protagonist of The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator Genisys, as well as the television series...

  • Connor Paolo
    Actor, Film actor, TV Actor, Person or entity appearing in film, Influence Node, Person

    Connor Paolo is an American actor. He is known of his roles as Eric van der Woodsen on The CW's teen drama series Gossip Girl and Declan Porter on the ABC drama series Revenge. He has also appeared in two Oliver Stone films, Alexander and World Trade...

  • Bull Connor
    Identity, Person, Politician, Person or entity appearing in film, Deceased Person, Topic

    Theophilus Eugene Connor, known as Bull Connor, served as a Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham, Alabama, during the American Civil Rights Movement. A Democrat, Connor's office, under the city commission government, gave him...

  • Connor Wickham
    Professional Association Football Player, Award Winner, Football player, Measured person, Athlete, Award Nominee, Person

    Connor Neil Ralph Wickham is an English professional footballer who plays for Crystal Palace as a forward. He played youth football at Reading before moving to Ipswich Town in 2006 where he continued in the youth structure. He made his full...

  • Kenneth Connor
    Radio personality, Military Person, Deceased Person, TV Actor, Musical Artist, Film actor, Chivalric Order Member, Person

    Kenneth Connor MBE was an English comedy stage, radio, film and TV actor, best known for his appearances in the Carry On films.

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