Meaning : Abbreviation of the name Olivia. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'bluish' or 'lead-coloured' and also derives from the name Oliver which means 'olive tree' or 'elf warrior'., Olive, Envious,

Origin : Latin,

Pronunciation : LIV ee uh, (LIH-viy-ah),

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Livia Expression, Livia Soul Urge, Livia Inner Dream

Numerology information Livia:

  • Name Number: 8. Meaning: Outer, Body, Physical, Ambition, Power, Progress, Career, Success, Respect, Fame, Means, Karma

Additional information Livia:

  • Livia is a short form of Olivia. it may also be connected with the word 'lividus' meaning 'bluish'.
  • Latin Meaning: The name Livia is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Livia is: Olive.
  • English Meaning: The name Livia is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Livia is: Life. Ancient Roman name. Abbreviation of Olivia.

Definition funny of Livia:

  • Boyfriend: Aw, baby, you're such a livia. Girlfriend: AWWWW, I LOVE YOU!
  • I always feel energized when I see Livia.
  • Hey, guys, let's go hug Livia! *massive group hug*
  • Tacitus about Livia: She had the aged Augustus firmly under control — so much so that he exiled his only surviving grandson to the island of Planasia. Livia: honourable, wise, powerful and noble woman.
  • "You know that girl who's obsessed with anime and is depressed?" "Livia?" "Yeah her"
  • I wish my girlfriend was a Livia
  • That chick is such a livia

Expression information Livia:

  • People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.

Soul information Livia:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

Songs about Livia:

  • Livia's Song by Denise Young from the Album The Gathering
  • Livia's Song by Denise Young from the Album Something You Dream Of... #2 On New Age Reporter Top 100 Charts!
  • Fiddle Tune Medley: Big Sciota / Acorn Hill / Anna Livia by Scott Nygaard from the Album No Hurry
  • Anna Livia by Phil Coulter from the Album Forgotten Dreams
  • Catsongs II (Livia Deliberated) by Tom Milsom from the Album Awkward Ballads for the Easily-pleased
  • Finnegans Wake : Anna Livia Plurabelle by Siobhan McKenna from the Album The Best Of James Joyce
  • Livia (Original Mix) by Adam Nickey pres. Blue 8 from the Album Livia
  • About me - Livia Valpassos by Livia Valpassos from the Album Livia Valpassos (Livia Valpassos)
  • Alphabet Song for Livia by Personalized Kid Music from the Album Friendly Songs - Personalized For Livia
  • Anna Livia by Lola Lafon from the Album Une vie de voleuse
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Books about Livia:

  • I Am Livia - May 1, 2014 by Phyllis T. Smith
  • Livia, Empress of Rome: A Biography - Jan 4, 2011 by Matthew Dennison
  • Livia: First Lady of Imperial Rome - Jan 11, 2004 by Anthony A. Barrett
  • A Trifle Dead (Cafe La Femme Mysteries Book 1) - Nov 22, 2013 by Livia Day and Alisa Krasnostein
  • Trick or Deadly Treat: A Fresh-Baked Mystery - Oct 6, 2015 by Livia J. Washburn
  • The Consensual Series - Aug 31, 2015 by Livia Jamerlan
  • A Cowboy's Brand: 5 Western Romance Novels - Nov 29, 2014 by Livia J. Washburn and Meg Mims
  • The Candy Cane Cupcake Killer: A Fresh-Baked Mystery - Nov 3, 2015 by Livia J. Washburn
  • The Blackmail Blend (Cafe La Femme Book 3) - Jun 20, 2015 by Livia Day and Alisa Krasnostein
  • The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers: A Guide to Making Unbelievably Realistic Paper Blooms - Apr 8, 2014 by Livia Cetti
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Movies about Livia:

  • Livia1968 by Farley Granger and Alida Valli
  • Le Marginal 1983 / FRENCH ONLY VERSION DVD / also has Hungarian Sound / REGION 2 PAL / Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo...1983

Wiki information Livia:

  • Livia
    Person, Deceased Person, Noble person, Person Or Being In Fiction

    Livia Drusilla, also known as Julia Augusta after her formal adoption into the Julian family in AD 14, was the wife of the Roman emperor Augustus throughout his reign, as well as his adviser. She was the mother of the emperor Tiberius, paternal...

  • Livia

    Gens Livia was a family in ancient Rome. All male individuals bore the name Livius while females were called Livia. Collectively they were called Livii or, very rarely, Liviae. Both male and female names might be qualified by one or more agnomina....

  • Livia Brito
    Actor, Person, TV Actor, Topic

    Livia Brito is a Cuban-born Mexican actress and model. Brito debuted in Televisa's telenovelas, starting in Triunfo del amor and Abismo de pasión.

  • Livia Soprano
    Fictional Character, TV Character

    Livia Soprano, played by Nancy Marchand, is a fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos. She is the mother of Tony Soprano. A young Livia, played by Laila Robins and later by Laurie J. Williams is sometimes seen in flashbacks. Series...

  • Livia Giuggioli
    Organization founder, Film producer, Topic, Person

    Livia Giuggioli is an Italian film producer and director.

  • Livilla
    Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

    Claudia Livia Julia was the only daughter of Nero Claudius Drusus and Antonia Minor and sister of the Roman Emperor Claudius and general Germanicus, and thus the paternal aunt of the emperor Caligula and maternal great-aunt of emperor Nero. She was...

  • Livia Turco
    Person, Politician

    Livia Turco is an Italian politician, member of the Democratic Party. She was a member of parliament between 1987-2013. Turco was Minister of Social Affairs in three governments between 1996-2001 and Minister of Health between 2006-2008.

  • Livia Millhagen
    Actor, Topic, Person, Film actor, TV Actor

    Livia Maria Millhagen is a Swedish actress. Millhagen was born in Stockholm and studied at Malmö Theatre Academy 1995–99. In 97 she appeared at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in August Strindberg's Fadren, directed by Staffan Valdemar Holm, and she is a...

  • Lívia Járóka
    Politician, Person

    Lívia Járóka is a Hungarian politician of part Romani ethnicity. She was a Member of the European Parliament, elected as part of the Fidesz list in 2004. Járóka was the second Romani ever elected to the European Parliament; the first was Juan de Dios...

  • Livia Lancelot
    Athlete, Measured person, Person

    Livia Lancelot is a French women's motocross champion. She became the first ever female champion in the history of motocross, winning the first FIM Women's Motocross World Championship in 2008. Lancelot was awarded the Circuiti Gioielli Women’s Pole...

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