Meaning : Maiden, Virgin, Parth is of Indian origin. The same name has variations like Partha and Partho, all of which mean the same. Parth was the name of Arjun,the hero of Indian epic 'Mahabharat'. The literal meaning is 'The person who never misses his target'.,

Origin : Hindi, Greek, Indian,

Pronunciation : (p-ah-r-th ),

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Parth Expression, Parth Soul Urge, Parth Inner Dream

Numerology information Parth:

  • Name Number: 9. Meaning: Divine, God, Goodness, Truth, Unconditional love, Gift, Free will, Ideal, Whole, Endless

Additional information Parth:

  • Modern transcription of PARTHA

Definition funny of Parth:

  • that person is so sexy, and cool, almost a parth, but no one can ever be that good, but there pretty damn close.
  • Parth is very courageous, strong, and nice.
  • There is never a Prince Charming available because they're Parths; someone else always has them.
  • Person 1: All the girls are after me man Person 2:How? Person 1:Cuz I'm such a god damn good parth
  • Carmen: OMG, his eyes are so far a"parth". Austin: LOL, he's such a parth. Austin: So we made history today, and you were a"parth" of it. Carmen: A+ Pun.
  • person1: hey, there's a dodo that got into MIT person2: ohh, wow, a Parth!
  • Person A: Look at that gay ass loser that sucks his own dick and thinks he's such a hot shot! Person B: I know right, he is such a Parth.

Songs about Parth:

  • Vishwaroopdarshan Stotram: Pashyaami Devastav (Parth Saarthi) by Anand Kurhekar from the Album Poorna Shri Krishna
  • The Parth (part 1 Treading Through Darkness) by Orphaned Land from the Album Wacken 2010 - Live At Wacken Open Air

Books about Parth:

  • Introduction to IT Project Management - Oct 1, 2006 by Cynthia Snyder and Frank Parth
  • 30 Fascinating Decisions By Fascinating People Through Time - Feb 7, 2014 by ML Parth
  • Fascinating Hints For 30 Amazing Countries - Feb 7, 2014 by ML PARTH
  • Conquer Your Mind: How to Apply Mind Mastery Techniques to Achieve Anything - Aug 25, 2015 by Parth Shah
  • Conquer: Your 7 Day Guide to Becoming Awesome - May 22, 2015 by Parth Shah
  • Resistance Band Training Step-by-Step Guide - Sep 5, 2015 by Parth Shah
  • Structure Du Francais Moderne: Introduction A L'Analyse Linguistique (French Edition) - May 1, 2005 by Pierre R Leon and Parth Bhatt
  • r2i dreams: For here or to go? - Sep 14, 2014 by Parth Pandya and Ramya Sethuraman
  • How To Survive Freshman Year of College: Written BY Students, FOR Students (Surviving College Book 1) - May 27, 2015 by Jason Anderson and Marissa Santos
  • New Perspectives on Old Stones: Analytical Approaches to Paleolithic Technologies - Aug 15, 2012 by Stephen Lycett and Parth Chauhan
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Wiki information Parth:

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  • Parth Samthaan

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    The Parthian language, also known as Arsacid Pahlavi and Pahlawānīg, is a now-extinct ancient Northwestern Iranian language spoken in Parthia, a region of northeastern ancient Iran. Parthian was the language of state of the Arsacid Parthian Empire,...

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    Parthiban Radhakrishnan - Actor/Director Parth Samthaan - Actor/Director Parth Samthaan - Artist Partha Barua - Musician/Band Parth Samthaan - Actor/Director Parthesh - Public Figure Andalib Rahman Partho - Public Figure Barrister Andaliv Rahman Partho young generation's Leader - Politician Parth Shah - Actor/Director Parth - Musician/Band
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