Origin : English (Rare),

Pronunciation : ROZ-ə-lin  ,

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Rosalin Expression, Rosalin Soul Urge, Rosalin Inner Dream

Numerology information Rosalin:

  • Name Number: 7. Meaning: Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest

Additional information Rosalin:

  • Medieval variant of ROSALIND

Definition funny of Rosalin:

  • person: ahhhh!!! its rosalin!!!!! person 2: hide yo kids, and yo wife, n all yo food!!!! person: morgan freeman help us all....

Songs about Rosalin:

  • Rosalin by E-76 from the Album Meir E-Stoff
  • Rosalin by Sam Waller from the Album Ground Zero
  • Rosalin by Roga Roga from the Album Sorcellerie (Kindoki)
  • Rosalin by Sunil Malawana from the Album Mala
  • Rosalin by Andrea Grandoni from the Album Music for Heart, Vol. 1
  • Rosalin by Kim McArthur from the Album Long Forgotten Dreams
  • Rosalin by Roga Roga, Extra Musica from the Album Sorcellerie (Kindoki)
  • Rosalin (Cisco Arias 3D Review Remix) by Sam Waller from the Album Ground Zero
  • Rosalin, Vals by Aage Braarud from the Album Aage Braarud
  • Rosalìn by Molly Sanderson from the Album Alla faccia di chi accetta il mondo così com'è

Books about Rosalin:

  • WORLD BUILDING to the Extreme: Learn How to Build Your Fictional World, How Much of My World Do I Build?, Sins... - Aug 9, 2014 by Ora Rosalin and Bey Rosalin
  • Exposition in Novels, Flashbacks, Backstory, and All The Good Ole Stuff: How to Write Exposition (Fiction Writers... - Nov 13, 2014 by Ora Rosalin and Bey Rosalin
  • All In One: Part 1,2,3 & 4 -- Write a Detective Novel, Write a Good Mystery, Red Herrings, Hiding & Finding the... - Jan 20, 2015 by Ora Rosalin and Bey Rosalin
  • All In One: Characterization, Writing a Gripping Plot,Show Don't Tell,Query Perfection - Apr 28, 2014 by Ora Rosalin and Beyoncé Rosalin
  • Creative knitting and crocheting - 1969 by Rosalin Carlson
  • How to OUTLINE YOUR NOVEL: Help with Your Manuscript, Publish a Book, Writing Stories, Tips for Writing a Novel... - Aug 11, 2014 by Ora Rosalin and Bey Rosalin
  • Developing Your Distinct Voice in Fiction Writing: Learn how to write, Tips for the Serious Writers, Importance... - May 9, 2014 by Ora Rosalin and Bey Rosalin
  • Show Don't Tell: How to Describe People, Places and Weather, Daily Writing Tips, Certain Details that You Cannot... - Apr 13, 2014 by Ora Rosalin and Bey Rosalin
  • The Anatomy of a NOVEL SYNOPSIS : How to Write a Synopsis the Right Way, Easy 1-2-3 Steps to Write a Novel Synopsis... - Oct 19, 2014 by Ora Rosalin and Bey Rosalin
  • Fiction Writing:DYNAMIC DIALOGUE TIPS, Writing Dialogue Format, Writing Examples, #dialogue: Secrets to Best Sellers... - Jul 17, 2014 by Ora Rosalin and Bey Rosalin
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Wiki information Rosalin:

  • Rosalinda
    TV Soap Opera, TV Program, Topic

    Rosalinda, is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía Alejandre for Televisa in 1999. It is a remake of the Venezuelan telenovela, María Teresa produced in 1972 by Venevisión. Thalía, Fernando Carrillo and Angélica María star as the main...

  • Rosalina
    Fictional Character, Video Game Character

    Rosalina, known as Rosetta in Japan, is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games. She debuted in Super Mario Galaxy, where she acted as a major non-player character who resides in the Comet Observatory, the game's hub world. She is...

  • Rosalind Franklin
    Physicist, Academic, Influence Node, Deceased Person, Person, Name source, Person Or Being In Fiction

    Rosalind Elsie Franklin was an English chemist and X-ray crystallographer who made contributions to the understanding of the fine molecular structures of DNA, RNA, viruses, coal, and graphite. Although her works on coal and viruses were appreciated...

  • Rosalind Russell
    Actor, Film actor, Person or entity appearing in film, Film story contributor, TV Actor, Musical Artist, Identity, Featured artist, Person, Topic

    Rosalind Russell was an American actress of stage and screen, known for her role as fast-talking newspaper reporter Hildy Johnson in the Howard Hawks screwball comedy His Girl Friday, as well as for her portrayals of Mame Dennis in Auntie Mame and...

  • Rosalind
    Moon, Astronomical Discovery, Celestial Object, Namesake, Star system body, Orbital Relationship

    Rosalind is an inner satellite of Uranus. It was discovered from the images taken by Voyager 2 on 13 January 1986, and was given the temporary designation S/1986 U 4. It was named after the daughter of the banished Duke in William Shakespeare's play...

  • Rosaline
    Theatre Character, Book Character, Fictional Character, Film character

    Rosaline is an unseen character and niece of Capulet in William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Although silent, her role is important. Romeo is at first deeply in love with Rosaline and expresses his dismay at her not loving him back. Romeo...

  • Rosalind Chao
    Actor, TV Actor, Film actor, Person or entity appearing in film, Influence Node, Person

    Rosalind Chao is an American actress. Chao's best-known roles have been as a star of CBS's AfterMASH portraying South Korean refugee Soon-Lee Klinger for both seasons, and the recurring character Keiko O'Brien with twenty-seven appearances on the...

  • Rosalind
    Film character, Theater Character, Book Character, Fictional Character, Name source

    Rosalind is the heroine and protagonist of the play As You Like It by William Shakespeare. She is the beautiful daughter of the exiled Duke Senior and niece to his usurping brother Duke Frederick. Her father is banished from the kingdom which breaks...

  • Rosalind
    City/Town/Village, Dated location, Statistical region, Location

    Rosalind is a village located in the prairies of central Alberta, Canada. It is located on Highway 854, approximately 120 kilometres southeast of Edmonton and 30 kilometres southeast of Camrose, the closest major trading centre. The name Rosalind was...

  • Rosalinda Celentano
    Actor, Film actor, Person, Person or entity appearing in film, Influence Node, Award Nominee

    Rosalinda Celentano is an Italian actress. She played Satan in the movie The Passion of the Christ. She is the daughter of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori.

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