Meaning : Not to be confused with Salah, Saleh means 'pious'. Saleh was a prophet from ancient Arabia and is mentioned nine times in the Qur'an., Virtuous,

Origin : Arabic,

Pronunciation : (S-ae-l-eh),

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Saleh Expression, Saleh Soul Urge, Saleh Inner Dream

Numerology information Saleh:

  • Name Number: 9. Meaning: Divine, God, Goodness, Truth, Unconditional love, Gift, Free will, Ideal, Whole, Endless

Additional information Saleh:

  • Variant transcription of SALIH

Definition funny of Saleh:

  • "yea the really cute boy... yea the one thats wicked sweet." "oh.. his names saleh."
  • "Hey Saleh y'alraht?" "Hey Saleh, how be's thee?"
  • Dude I am such a saleh, i just wrote a paper about the meaning of dirt to ants in the learning period of life. Saleh: WOAH simba is a symbol for America's racism Jacob: Die
  • ohhhhh save me i dont want to see this guy.....ever its saleh again. go away

Songs about Saleh:

  • Mish Ha Saleh by Hakim from the Album Lela (Egyptian Music)
  • Madain Saleh by Steve Wood from the Album Arabia
  • Saleh 2000 by Dariush from the Album Dariush Derooz
  • Had There Been a Dream (feat. Tania Saleh) by Baghdad Heavy Metal, Tania Saleh from the Album Baghdad Heavy Metal
  • Aaicha Bent Belhmer (feat. Saleh Atika, Abd Rahim Kmikmat) by Jilaliyat Shab Lhal from the Album Houma Jaw (feat. Saleh Atika, Abd Rahim Kmikmat)
  • Aalache Tlomoni (feat. Saleh Atika, Abd Rahim Kmikmat) by Jilaliyat Shab Lhal from the Album Houma Jaw (feat. Saleh Atika, Abd Rahim Kmikmat)
  • Al Raii El Saleh by Gebrane from the Album Deqo Jrass
  • Allah Huma Saleh Alaa [Durood] by Tehreem Muneeba from the Album Allah Huma Saleh Alaa [Durood]
  • Allah Huma Saleh Alla by Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Zia from the Album Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Zia - Payam Akhri Hai, Vol. 3
  • Alphabet Song for Sally (Salee, Saleh, Salie, Sallie, Saly) by Personalized Kid Music from the Album Friendly Songs - Personalized For Sally
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Books about Saleh:

  • Fundamentals of Photonics - Mar 9, 2007 by Bahaa E. A. Saleh and Malvin Carl Teich
  • Construction Project Scheduling and Control - Jun 21, 2010 by Saleh A. Mubarak
  • Voices of the Arab Spring: Personal Stories from the Arab Revolutions - Mar 3, 2015 by Asaad Al-Saleh
  • Fundamentals of Photonics (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics) - Aug 15, 1991 by Bahaa E. A. Saleh and Malvin Carl Teich
  • Fundamentals Of Photonics 2Ed (Pb 2012) - 2012 by Saleh B.E.A.
  • Saleh's Children: Three Generations of Plantation Masters and Their Slave Women - Jan 27, 2015 by Howard Bott
  • The Qadi and the Fortune Teller (Interlink World Fiction) - Apr 2008 by Nabil A. Saleh
  • The Complete Guide to Article Writing: How to Write Successful Articles for Online and Print Markets - Jan 14, 2014 by Naveed Saleh
  • Architecture Reading Sampler: Book Excerpts by Lesley Bain, Meg Calkins, James Vandezande, Chuck Eastman, Saleh... - May 7, 2012 by Wiley
  • Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of Converting Prospects to Customers - Nov 11, 2010 by Khalid Saleh and Ayat Shukairy
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Movies about Saleh:

  • THE TIME THAT REMAINS [DVD] (2010) Ali Suliman, Elia Suleiman, Saleh Bakri2009 NR
  • La Banda Nos Visita (Import Movie) (European Format - Zone 2) (2008) Sasson Gabai; Ronit Elkabetz; Saleh Ba2007 Unrated

Wiki information Saleh:

  • Ali Abdullah Saleh
    Politician, Name source, Organization founder, Topic, Person, Identity

    Ali Abdullah Saleh is a Yemeni politician who was President of Yemen from 1990 to 2012. Saleh previously served as President of North Yemen from 1978 until unification with South Yemen in 1990. After more than 33 years in power, Saleh signed the Gulf...

  • Saleh
    Prophet, Person Or Being In Fiction, Deceased Person, Person

    Saleh or Salih was an prophet of ancient Arabia mentioned in the Qur'an, who prophesied to the tribe of Thamud. He is mentioned nine times throughout the Qur'an and his people are frequently referenced as a wicked community who, because of their...

  • Mada'in Saleh
    Tourist attraction, Location, Structure, Project focus

    Mada'in Saleh, also called Al-Hijr or Hegra, is a pre-Islamic archaeological site located in the Al-Ula sector, within the Al Madinah Region of Saudi Arabia. A majority of the vestiges date from the Nabatean kingdom. The site constitutes the...

  • Ahmed Saleh
    Diplomat, Person

    Ahmed Ali Saleh is the eldest son of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, and was a commander of approx. 80,000 troops of the Republican Guard unit of the Yemen Army. On April 14, 2015, the United States Department of the Treasury's Office of...

  • Raden Saleh
    Painting Artist, Visual Artist, Art Subject, Person, Deceased Person

    Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman was a pioneering Indonesian Romantic painter of Arab-Javanese ethnicity. He was considered to be the first "modern" artist from Indonesia, and his paintings corresponded with nineteenth-century romanticism which was...

  • Saeed Saleh
    Comedian, Theater Actor, Person, Deceased Person, Film actor, Topic

    Saeed Saleh was an actor and comedian.

  • Akmal Saleh
    Comedian, Film writer, Person, Film actor, Broadcast Artist, Influence Node

    Akmal Saleh is an Egyptian Australian comedian and actor. He was born in Egypt and arrived in Sydney with his family in 1975 at the age of 11. He has been performing comedy since the early 1990s and his live shows have toured comedy festivals both...

  • Koumbi Saleh
    City/Town/Village, Dated location, Location, Statistical region

    Koumbi Saleh, sometimes Kumbi Saleh is the site of a ruined medieval town in south east Mauritania that may have been the capital of the Ghana Empire. From the ninth century, Arab authors mention the Ghana Empire in connection with the trans-Saharan...

  • Saleh Bakri
    Actor, Film actor, Person or entity appearing in film, Topic, Person

    Saleh Bakri is a Palestinian theater and film actor from Israel. He began his career in the theater. Bakri is a graduate of the Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts in Tel Aviv. Saleh is the son of actor and film director Mohammad Bakri, brother...

  • Saleh Selim
    Soccer Midfielder, Football player, Deceased Person, Athlete, Measured person, Person

    Saleh Selim was the 10th president of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Sporting Club. He also was a famous Egyptian football player and actor. He was nicknamed El Maestro because of his way of leading the Ahly football team to many victories. He then became the...

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