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Wieferich Expression, Wieferich Soul Urge, Wieferich Inner Dream

Numerology information Wieferich:

  • Name Number: 5. Meaning: Motion, Change, Freedom, Diversity, Liberty, Choice, Interest, Search, Risk, Danger, Fear

Books about Wieferich:

  • The Unfathomable World of Amazing Numbers - Sep 23, 2014 by Wallace Jacob
  • Those Fascinating Numbers (Monograph Book) - Jul 22, 2009 by Jean-Marie De Koninck
  • Catalan's Conjecture (Universitext) - Feb 12, 2008 by René Schoof
  • My Numbers, My Friends: Popular Lectures on Number Theory - Jun 9, 2000 by Paulo Ribenboim
  • Some Famous Problems of the Theory of Numbers - Jul 31, 2013 by G. H. Hardy
  • Elementary Methods in Number Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Vol. 195) - Dec 21, 1999 by Melvyn B. Nathanson
  • The Problem of Catalan - Oct 10, 2014 by Yuri Bilu and Yann Bugeaud
  • Solved and Unsolved Problems in Number Theory (CHEL/297) - Jun 1, 2002 by Daniel Shanks
  • 17 Lectures on Fermat Numbers: From Number Theory to Geometry (CMS Books in Mathematics) - Jan 8, 2002 by Michal Krizek and Florian Luca
  • 13 Lectures on Fermat's Last Theorem - Dec 18, 1979 by Paulo Ribenboim
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Wiki information Wieferich:

  • Wieferich prime

    In number theory, a Wieferich prime is a prime number p such that p² divides 2p − 1 − 1, therefore connecting these primes with Fermat's little theorem, which states that every odd prime p divides 2p − 1 − 1. Wieferich primes were first described by...

  • Arthur Wieferich
    Mathematician, Person, Academic, Deceased Person

    Arthur Josef Alwin Wieferich was a German mathematician and teacher, remembered for his work on number theory. He was born in Münster, attended the University of Münster and then worked widely as a school teacher and tutor until his retirement in...

  • Wieferich pair

    In mathematics, a Wieferich pair is a pair of prime numbers p and q that satisfy pq − 1 ≡ 1 and qp − 1 ≡ 1 Wieferich pairs are named after German mathematician Arthur Wieferich. Wieferich pairs play an important role in Preda Mihăilescu's 2002 proof...

  • Wall–Sun–Sun prime

    In number theory, a Wall–Sun–Sun prime or Fibonacci–Wieferich prime is a certain kind of prime number which is conjectured to exist, although none are known.

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    Arthur Wieferich - Public Figure
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