Meaning : The name Xiang is Chinese and means 'soars above others', 'lucky' or 'fragrant'. The name also comes from the name of the Xiang River in southern China. It can be both a girls and a boys name., Fragrant,

Origin : Chinese,

Pronunciation : (SH-IH-ah-ng ),

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Xiang Expression, Xiang Soul Urge, Xiang Inner Dream

Numerology information Xiang:

  • Name Number: 1. Meaning: Individual, Masculine, Logic, Self, Active, Leadership, Initiative, Assertive

Additional information Xiang:

  • From Chinese 翔 "to soar", 祥 "auspicious, lucky" or 香 "fragrant" (which is usually only feminine). It can also come from the name of the Xiang (湘) River in southern China.

Definition funny of Xiang:

  • Xiang is like the life of the party.
  • Look, that dude is Xianging his brains out!

Songs about Xiang:

  • Zhi Xiang Ai Ni by Rainie Yang from the Album Rainie Yang - My Intuition
  • Xiang Si Feng Yu Zhong by Jacky Cheung and Karen Tong from the Album Cantonese 101 (6 CD)
  • Yi Ren You Yi Ge Meng Xiang by Vivian Lai from the Album Cantonese 101 (6 CD)
  • Dao Xiang by Jay Chou from the Album Capricorn
  • Zhi Xiang Yi Sheng Gui Ni Zou by Jacky Cheung from the Album Cantonese 101 (6 CD)
  • Xi xiang fen (Happy Reunion) by He Li from the Album Classical Chinese Folk Music
  • Xiang Ni by Leslie Cheung from the Album Cantonese 101 (6 CD)
  • Xiang Feng Zai Yu Zong (Album Version) by Leon Lai from the Album Btb Xiang Feng Zai Yu Zhong
  • Chun dou xiang jiang (Spring comes to Xiang River) by He Li from the Album Classical Chinese Folk Music
  • Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (Mystical Clouds over the Xiao and Xiang Riv by Master Zhongxian Wu from the Album Qinxin, Heart Music of the Classical Chinese Wisdom Traditions
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Books about Xiang:

  • Fang Xiang Liao Fa: Essential Oil Analogues of TCM Herbal Formulas - Jan 20, 2013 by Esther E Aldrich and Randall R Bornemann
  • Global "Body Shopping": An Indian Labor System in the Information Technology Industry (Information Series) - Nov 26, 2006 by Xiang Biao
  • Exemplary Women of Early China: The Lienü zhuan of Liu Xiang (Translations from the Asian Classics) - Jan 28, 2014 by Anne Behnke Kinney
  • George Xiang Chi Niurou Baozi: Simplified Character Version (Zhongwen Bu Mafan) (Chinese Edition) - Aug 9, 2014 by Terry T Waltz
  • Giuseppe Xiang Chi Pisa!: Simplified Character Version (Zhongwen Bu Mafan) (Volume 1) - Aug 8, 2014 by Terry T Waltz
  • Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading- Your Guide to the Art of Chinese Face Reading - Jan 8, 2005 by Joey Yap
  • Return: Nationalizing Transnational Mobility in Asia - Oct 10, 2013 by Biao Xiang and Brenda S. A. Yeoh
  • Institutional Economics Perspective - Sep 1, 2015 by Li Xiang
  • Shang Yun-Xiang Style Xingyiquan: The Foundations and Subtleties of Xingyiquan Training - Nov 18, 2014 by Li Wen-Bin and Shang Zhi-Rong
  • George Xiang Chi Niurou Baozi: Traditional Character Version (Zhongwen Bu Mafan) (Chinese Edition) - Aug 9, 2014 by Terry T Waltz
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Movies about Xiang:

  • Nostalgia (Xiang Chou)2007 NR
  • Nostalgia (Xiang Chou) (Institutional Use)2007 NR
  • Shaolin Wooden Men1976 NR
  • Shaolin Wooden Men... Young Tiger's Revenge1983 Unrated
  • Jin Hou Xiang Yao / Chinese Cartoon / 20th Anniversary Edition / Monkey Kings Exorcism / Audio Chinese / Subtitle...
  • Raped by an Angel1993 Unrated
  • Hint of You / Mei Wei De Xiang Nian - Taiwanese TV Drama - 17 DVD Boxset2013
  • Nostalgia2011
  • Jin zhuang xiang jiao ju le bu1998 by Linda Cheung (II) and Tat-Ming Cheung
  • JIU XIANG2007
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Wiki information Xiang:

  • Chinese, Xiang Language
    Human Language

    Xiang or imprecisely Hunanese, is a group of linguistically similar and historically related varieties of Chinese, spoken mainly in Hunan province but also in a few parts of Guangxi, Sichuan and Shaanxi. Scholars divided Xiang into five subgroups,...

  • Xiang Yu
    Person, Noble person, Deceased Person, Military Person

    Xiang Ji, courtesy name Yu, better known as Xiang Yu, was a prominent warlord in the late Qin dynasty. A noble of Xiaxiang, Xiang Yu was granted the title of "Duke of Lu" by King Huai II of the insurgent Chu state in 208 BC. The following year, he...

  • Liu Xiang
    Topic, Olympic athlete, Person, Athlete, Award Nominee, Person or entity appearing in film, Measured person, Identity, Film actor, Award Winner

    Liu Xiang is a retired Chinese 110 meter hurdler. Liu is an Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion. His 2004 Olympic gold medal was the first in a men's track and field event for China. Liu is one of China's most commercially successful athletes...

  • Xiang Yun
    Actor, Person, TV Actor, Film actor, Topic

    Chen Cuichang, better known by her Chinese stage name Xiang Yun, is a Singaporean actress and contracted artiste under MediaCorp. She is popularly referred to as MediaCorp's first "Ah Jie" as she was among the first locally-trained artistes and has...

  • Xiang River
    Location, Body Of Water, Geographical Feature, River

    The Xiang River, in older transliterations as the Siang River or Hsiang River, is a river in southern China. The river gave Hunan its Chinese abbreviation, the same as Xiang.

  • Xiangqi

    Xiangqi, also called Chinese chess, is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in China, and is in the same family as Western chess, chaturanga, shogi, Indian chess and janggi. Besides China and areas with...

  • Liu Xiang
    Politician, Person, Author, Deceased Person

    Liu Xiang, born Liu Gengsheng, courtesy name Zizheng, was a government official, scholar, and author of who lived during the Han Dynasty, of China. Among his polymathic scholarly specialties were history, literary bibliography, and astronomy. He is...

  • Sun Xiang
    Soccer Defender, Person, Football player, Measured person, Identity, Athlete

    Sun Xiang is a Chinese footballer who currently plays for Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese Super League. Sun initially gained recognition for his performances with Shanghai Shenhua along with his identical twin brother and fellow footballer Sun Ji before...

  • Li Xiang
    Musical Artist, Person, Musician

    Li Xiang is a Chinese actress, host and singer.

  • Show Luo
    TV Host, TV Actor, Award Winner, TV Personality, Author, Musical Artist, Person, Film actor, Featured artist, Topic

    Show Luo is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and host. He is commonly known by his Chinese nickname Xiao Zhu.

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