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363 - [[Roman emperor]] -Julian (emperor)|Julian defeats the Sasanian Empire|Sasanian army in the Battle of Ctesiphon (363)|Battle of Ctesiphon, under the walls of the Sasanian capital, but is unable to take the city.

1108 - [[Battle of Uclés (1108)|Battle of Uclés]] -Almoravid dynasty|Almoravid troops under the command of Tamim ibn Yusuf defeat a Kingdom of Castile|Castile and Kingdom of León|León alliance under the command of Prince Sancho Alfónsez.

1176 - [[Battle of Legnano]] -The Lombard League defeats Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor|Emperor Frederick I.

1328 - [[Philip VI of France|Philip VI]] -is crowned List of French monarchs|King of France.

1414 - [[Council of Constance]] -

1453 - [[Fall of Constantinople]] -Ottoman Empire|Ottoman armies under Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror|Mehmed II Fatih capture Constantinople after a 53-day siege, ending the Byzantine Empire.

1660 - [[Restoration (England)|English Restoration]] -Charles II of England|Charles II is restored to the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland.

1677 - [[Treaty of 1677|Treaty of Middle Plantation]] -establishes peace between the Virginia Settler|colonists and the local Native Americans in the United States|Natives.

1727 - [[Peter II of Russia|Peter II]] -becomes Tsar|Czar of Russia.

1733 - [[First Nations|Indian]] -slavery|slaves is upheld at Quebec City.

1780 - [[American Revolutionary War]] -At the Battle of Waxhaws, the British continue attacking after the Continentals lay down their arms, killing 113 and critically wounding all but 53 that remained.

1790 - [[Rhode Island]] -becomes the last of the original United States' Thirteen Colonies|colonies to ratify the United States Constitution|Constitution and is admitted as the 13th U.S. state.

1798 - [[Irish Rebellion of 1798|United Irishmen Rebellion]] -Between 300 and 500 Society of United Irishmen|United Irishmen Gibbet Rath massacre|are massacred by the British Army in County Kildare, Ireland.

1807 - [[Mustafa IV]] -became Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Caliph of Islam.

1848 - [[Wisconsin]] -is admitted as the 30th U.S. state.

1852 - [[Jenny Lind]] -leaves New York after her Jenny Lind tour of America, 1850–52|two-year American tour.

1861 - [[Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce]] -is founded, in Hong Kong.

1864 - [[Emperor of Mexico|Emperor]] -Maximilian I of Mexico arrives in Mexico for the first time.

1867 - [[Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867]] -("the Compromise") is born through Act 12, which establishes the Austria-Hungary|Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1868 - [[Mihailo Obrenović III, Prince of Serbia|Michael Obrenovich III]] -Prince of Serbia, in Belgrade.

1886 - [[pharmacist]] -John Pemberton places his first advertising|advertisement for Coca-Cola, which appeared in ''The Atlanta Journal''.

1900 - [[N'Djamena]] -is founded as Fort-Lamy by the French commander Émile Gentil.

1903 - [[May Coup (Serbia)|May Coup]] -Alexander I of Serbia|Alexander I, King of Serbia, and Queen Draga, are Assassination|assassinated in Belgrade by the Black Hand (Serbia)|Black Hand (''Crna Ruka'') organization.

1913 - [[Igor Stravinsky]] -s ballet score ''The Rite of Spring'' receives its premiere performance in Paris, France, provoking a riot.

1914 - [[Ocean liner]] -{{RMS|Empress of Ireland}} sinks in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence with the loss of 1,024 lives.

1918 - [[Armenia]] -defeats the Military of the Ottoman Empire|Ottoman Army in the Battle of Sardarabad.

1919 - [[Albert Einstein]] -s theory of general relativity is tested (later confirmed) by Arthur Eddington and Andrew Claude de la Cherois Crommelin.

1919 - [[Republic of Prekmurje]] -is founded.

1931 - [[Michele Schirru]] -a citizen of the United States, is executed by Italian military firing squad for intent to kill Benito Mussolini.

1932 - [[veteran]] -begin to assemble in Washington, D.C., in the Bonus Army to request cash bonuses promised to them to be paid in 1945.

1935 - [[Messerschmitt Bf 109]] -fighter aeroplane.

1939 - [[Albania]] -Fascism|fascist leader Tefik Mborja is appointed as member of the Italian Chamber of Fasces and Corporations.

1940 - [[Vought F4U Corsair]] -

1942 - [[Bing Crosby]] -the Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra record Irving Berlin's "White Christmas (song)|White Christmas", the best-selling single in history.

1945 - [[combat]] -mission of the Consolidated B-32 Dominator heavy bomber.

1948 - [[United Nations]] -peacekeeping force the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization.

1950 - [[St. Roch (ship)|St. Roch]] -', the first ship to Circumnavigation|circumnavigate North America, arrives in Halifax (former city)|Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

1953 - [[Edmund Hillary]] -and Sherpa people|Sherpa Tenzing Norgay become the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest, on Tenzing Norgay's (adopted) 39th birthday.

1954 - [[Bilderberg Group|Bilderberg conferences]] -

1964 - [[Arab League]] -meets in East Jerusalem to discuss the Palestinian question, leading to the formation of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

1969 - [[General strike]] -in Córdoba, Argentina, leading to the ''Cordobazo'' civil unrest.

1973 - [[Tom Bradley (American politician)|Tom Bradley]] -is elected the first black mayor of Los Angeles|Los Angeles, California.

1982 - [[Pope John Paul II]] -becomes the first pontiff to visit Canterbury Cathedral.

1982 - [[Falklands War]] -British forces defeat the Argentina|Argentines at the Battle of Goose Green.

1985 - [[Heysel Stadium disaster]] -Thirty-nine association football fans die and hundreds are injured when a dilapidated retaining wall collapses.

1985 - [[Amputation|Amputee]] -Steve Fonyo completes Canada|cross-Canada marathon at Victoria, British Columbia, after 14 months.

1988 - [[President of the United States|U.S. President]] -Ronald Reagan begins his first visit to the Soviet Union when he arrives in Moscow for a superpower summit with the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

1989 - [[Egypt]] -and the United States, allowing the manufacture of parts of the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon|F-16 jet fighter plane in Egypt.

1990 - [[Congress of People's Deputies of Russia|Russian parliament]] -elects Boris Yeltsin as president of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

1993 - [[Miss Sarajevo]] -beauty pageant is held in war torn Sarajevo drawing global attention to the plight of its citizens.

1999 - [[Olusegun Obasanjo]] -takes office as President of Nigeria, the first elected and civilian head of state in Nigeria after 16 years of military rule.

1999 - [[Space Shuttle Discovery|Space Shuttle ''Discovery'']] -completes the first docking with the International Space Station.

1999 - [[Charlotte Perrelli]] -representing Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1999|Sweden wins Eurovision Song Contest 1999 in Jerusalem with the song Take Me to Your Heaven (song)|Take Me to Your Heaven.

2001 - [[Supreme Court of the United States|U.S. Supreme Court]] -rules that the disabled golfer Casey Martin can use a cart to ride in tournaments.

2004 - [[National World War II Memorial]] -is dedicated in Washington, D.C.

2008 - [[2008 Iceland earthquake|doublet earthquake]] -of combined Moment_magnitude_scale|magnitude 6.1, strikes Iceland near the town of Selfoss (town)|Selfoss, injuring 30 people.

2012 - [[2012 Northern Italy earthquakes#29 May earthquake|earthquake]] -hits northern Italy near Bologna, killing at least 24 people.

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