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Day History: February-21

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Events History

362 - [[Athanasius of Alexandria|Athanasius]] -returns to Alexandria.

1245 - [[Thomas (bishop of Finland)|Thomas]] -the first known Bishop of Finland, is granted resignation after confessing to torture and forgery.

1437 - [[James I of Scotland]] -is assassinated.

1440 - [[Prussian Confederation]] -is formed.

1613 - [[Michael I of Russia|Mikhail I]] -is unanimously elected Tsar by a Zemsky Sobor|national assembly, beginning the Romanov dynasty of Imperial Russia.

1804 - [[steam locomotive]] -makes its outing at the Penydarren Ironworks|Pen-y-Darren Ironworks in Wales.

1808 - [[Finnish War]] -in which Sweden will lose the eastern half of the country (i.e. Finland) to Russia.

1828 - [[Cherokee Phoenix]] -is the first periodical to use the Cherokee syllabary invented by Sequoyah.

1842 - [[sewing machine]] -

1848 - [[Karl Marx]] -and Friedrich Engels publish ''The Communist Manifesto''.

1862 - [[American Civil War]] -Battle of Valverde is fought near Fort Craig in New Mexico Territory.

1874 - [[Oakland Daily Tribune]] -' publishes its first edition.

1878 - [[telephone directory]] -is issued in New Haven, Connecticut.

1885 - [[Washington Monument]] -is dedicated.

1896 - [[Bob Fitzsimmons]] -fought an Irishman, Peter Maher (boxer)|Peter Maher, in an American promoted event which technically took place in Mexico, winning the 1896 World Heavyweight Championship in boxing.

1913 - [[Ioannina]] -is incorporated into the Greek state after the Balkan Wars.

1916 - [[World War I]] -In France, the Battle of Verdun begins.

1918 - [[Carolina parakeet]] -dies in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo.

1919 - [[Kurt Eisner]] -is assassination|assassinated. His death results in the establishment of the Bavarian Soviet Republic and parliament and government fleeing Munich, Germany.

1921 - [[Constituent Assembly of Georgia|Constituent Assembly]] -of the Democratic Republic of Georgia adopts the country's first constitution.

1921 - [[Rezā Shāh]] -takes control of Tehran during a 1921 Persian coup d'état|successful coup

1925 - [[The New Yorker]] -' publishes its first issue.

1937 - [[League of Nations]] -bans foreign national "Unlawful combatant|volunteers" in the Spanish Civil War.

1945 - [[World War II]] -Japanese kamikaze planes sink the escort carrier {{USS|Bismarck Sea|CVE-95|6}} and damage the {{USS|Saratoga|CV-3|6}}.

1947 - [[Edwin Land]] -demonstrates the first "instant camera", the Polaroid Land Camera, to a meeting of the Optical Society of America.

1948 - [[NASCAR]] -is incorporated.

1952 - [[Winston Churchill]] -abolishes Identity document|identity cards in the UK to "set the people free".

1952 - [[Bengali Language Movement]] -protests occur at the University of Dhaka in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

1958 - [[peace symbol]] -commissioned by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in protest against the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, is designed and completed by Gerald Holtom.

1965 - [[Malcolm X]] -is assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City by members of the F.B.I.

1971 - [[Convention on Psychotropic Substances]] -is signed at Vienna.

1972 - [[Richard Nixon]] -visits the People's Republic of China to normalize Sino-American relations.

1972 - [[Soviet Union|Soviet]] -unmanned Spacecraft|spaceship Luna 20 lands on the Moon.

1973 - [[Sinai Desert]] -Israeli fighter aircraft shoot down Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 jet killing 108.

1974 - [[Suez Canal]] -pursuant to a truce with Egypt.

1975 - [[Watergate scandal]] -Former United States Attorney General John N. Mitchell and former White House aides H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman are sentenced to prison.

1995 - [[Steve Fossett]] -lands in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada becoming the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon|balloon.

2013 - [[2013 Hyderabad blasts|several bombings]] -in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

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