Meaning : The name Jie means 'pure' or 'excellence'., Pure,

Origin : Chinese,

Pronunciation : (jee-AH),

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Jie Expression, Jie Soul Urge, Jie Inner Dream

Numerology information Jie:

  • Name Number: 6. Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice

Definition funny of Jie:

  • I heard the final exam was jie difficult. I'm jie hungry right now.
  • ex: its jie like cold outside today
  • Thou Jie was comfy
  • "OMG, that asshole is wearing a Jie to my sister's wedding"

Songs about Jie:

  • Chang Jie Di Yi Jiao by Sandy Lam from the Album Sandy Lam 2000 Collection
  • Xi Tie Jie (Album Version) by Kay Tse from the Album Binary
  • Dang Shi Jie Wu Mei Gui by Shirley Kwan from the Album Cantonese 101 (6 CD)
  • Jin Jie's Revolution by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamaki from the Album Battlefield 4
  • One World (Tong Yi Ge Shi Jie) by DJ Dimi from the Album Zen Lounge (Chan Shi)
  • Shi Jie Wei Mo Ri by Jay Chou from the Album Exclamation Point
  • Wai Mian De Shi Jie (Album Version) by Chyi Chin from the Album Winter Rain
  • Blue Lotus (feat. Jie Bing Chen) by L. Subramaniam from the Album Global Fusion
  • Feng Di Ji Jie (Album Version) by Paula Tsui from the Album Paula Tsui DSD Collection
  • Jie Guo Lie (Album Version) by Da Mouth from the Album Da First Episode
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Books about Jie:

  • Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement - Jun 22, 2015 by Jie Han
  • Shanghai Homes: Palimpsests of Private Life (Global Chinese Culture) - Nov 18, 2014 by Jie Li
  • Heart Of Red River (Evil Game Book 1) - Mar 20, 2015 by JIE ZHANG
  • Blockbuster Drugs: The Rise and Decline of the Pharmaceutical Industry - Jan 2, 2014 by Jie Jack Li
  • Laughing Gas, Viagra, and Lipitor: The Human Stories behind the Drugs We Use - Sep 7, 2006 by Jie Jack Li
  • Bioenergetics Primer for Exercise Science (Primers in Exercise Science) - Sep 20, 2007 by Jie Kang
  • Vivid World (Beginning Book 2) - Apr 13, 2015 by JIE ZHANG
  • Emotion Means Fortune - Jul 17, 2015 by JIE ZHANG
  • Mindfulness: Highway to Happiness (Mindfulness for Beginners Book 2) - Jun 25, 2015 by Wang Jie
  • Name Reactions: A Collection of Detailed Mechanisms and Synthetic Applications Fifth Edition - Jan 31, 2014 by Jie Jack Li
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Movies about Jie:

  • Jnior Textbook of Lixiaolong Jie Quan Dao()2006 NR
  • Liu San Jie(English Subtitled)2007 NR
  • Adanced Textbook of Lixiaolong Jie Quan Dao()Techniques of Wrestling2006 NR
  • Adanced Textbook of Lixiaolong Jie Quan Dao()Techniques of Catching2006 NR
  • Adanced Textbook of Lixiaolong Jie Quan Dao()Free Attaking Training2006 NR
  • Intermediate Textbook of Lixiaolong Jie Quan Dao2006 NR
  • Junior Textbook of Lixiaolong Jie Quan Dao()(English Subtitled)2006 NR
  • Adanced Textbook of Lixiaolong Jie Quan Dao()Techniques of Attacking the Opponent2006 NR
  • Adanced Textbook of Lixiaolong Jie Quan Dao()2006 NR
  • Legend of Bruce Lee2010 PG-13
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Wiki information Jie:

  • Jie of Xia
    Man, Person

    King Jie was the 17th and last ruler of the Xia dynasty of China. He is traditionally regarded as a tyrant and oppressor who brought about the collapse of a dynasty. Around 1600 BCE, Jie was defeated by Shang Tang, bringing an end to the Xia Dynasty...

  • Zheng Jie
    Identity, Olympic athlete, Measured person, Person, Tennis Player, Tennis Tournament Champion, Athlete

    Zheng Jie is a Chinese professional tennis player. Her career high ranking is World No. 15 which she achieved on 18 May 2009. As of 9 June 2014, Zheng is ranked World No. 90 in singles and World No. 22 in doubles and is the 4th ranked Chinese...

  • Zhang Jie
    Singer, Lyricist, Film actor, Musician, Musical Artist, Person, , Composer

    Zhang Jie also known as Jason Zhang is a Chinese pop singer and actor who rose to fame through televised singing competitions.

  • Jet Li
    Name source, Award Winner, Film producer, Film story contributor, Film actor, TV Actor, Identity, Film director, Organization founder, Award Nominee

    Li Lianjie, better known by his English stage name Jet Li, is a Chinese film actor, film producer, martial artist, and wushu champion who was born in Beijing. He is a naturalised Singaporean citizen. After three years of intensive training with Wu...

  • He Jie
    Singer, Musical Artist, Film actor, Musician, Person

    He Jie is a mandopop singer in China. She came to prominence after placing 4th in the 2005 Super Girl competition.

  • Dong Jie
    Actor, Film actor, Influence Node, Award Nominee, Person

    Dong Jie is a Chinese actress and dancer.

  • Jie people
    Human Language

    The Jié were members of a small tribe in North China in the 4th century. Chinese sources state that the Jie originated among the Yuezhi. Under Shi Le, they established the Later Zhao state. The Jie were completely exterminated by Ran Min in the...

  • Lust, Caution
    Thriller Film, Film, Adaptation, Topic, Award-Nominated Work, Netflix Title, Award-Winning Work

    Lust, Caution is a 2007 espionage erotic thriller film directed by Ang Lee, based on the novella of the same name published in 1979 by Chinese author Eileen Chang. The story is mostly set in Hong Kong in 1938 and in Shanghai in 1942, when it was...

  • JJ Lin
    Mandopop Artist, , Award Winner, Musician, Award Nominee, Musical Artist, Composer, Film actor, Person, Record Producer

    JJ Lin is a Singaporean singer, songwriter, record producer and actor based in Taiwan. JJ Lin was managed by Ocean Butterflies from 2003 to 2009. He is managed by Warner Music Taiwan. Lin won Best New Artist for his work on his debut album Music...

  • Yu Jie
    Critic, Author, Person

    Yu Jie, is a Chinese writer and democracy activist. The bestselling author of more than 30 books, Yu was described by the New York Review of Books in 2012 as "one of China's most prominent essayists and critics". Yu Jie is also active in the Chinese...

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