Meaning : Laurel Wreath, Another variant of Laura, this name means the bay or laurel plant. Also made famous thanks to the famous duo Laurel and Hardy - although the bowler hat is optional..., Laurel,

Origin : Unknown, English,

Pronunciation : (LAWR-el), LOR el / LOH rul, LAWR-əl  ,

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Laurel Expression, Laurel Soul Urge, Laurel Inner Dream

Numerology information Laurel:

  • Name Number: 6. Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice

Additional information Laurel:

  • Laurel can be seen to come from two separate origin, and is now a unisex name. Originally it was a feminine name, from the Old English laurel tree which was used to make wreaths. It is thought to be of the same origin as the other feminine name Laura. Recently though it has been used as a boy’s name because of the fame of the comedy duo ‘Laurel and Hardy’. Laurels true name was Stan Laurel, but his name can be found used as a first name for boys now.
  • Latin Meaning: The name Laurel is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Laurel is: Laurel.
  • American Meaning: The name Laurel is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Laurel is: Laurel.
  • From the name of the laurel tree, ultimately from Latin laurus.

Definition funny of Laurel:

  • She is so amazingly Laurel!
  • "Jessica Alba is a laurel!" "Dayum look at that laurel!"
  • I'm a Laurel and this is hilarious
  • Yeah, thats my girlfriend, shes the laurel of my life
  • Laurel she's some pretty good lookin' girl I know.
  • Brian:"Wow, Laurel is amazing and beautiful" Danny:"Yeah, I know, I want her to be my girlfriend" Brian:"Me too!"
  • Justin: "DAMN. Laurel is so beautiful. I wish I was her boyfriend." David: "Dude, I know. But I doubt you'd get anywhere near her. I doubt ANYONE will get anywhere near her........sigh..." *walks away* Justin: "FML..."

Expression information Laurel:

  • for harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things.

Soul information Laurel:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge and experience, or creative and artistic ability.

Songs about Laurel:

  • Laurel Canyon [Explicit] by Chief Keef from the Album Bang 3 [Explicit]
  • Los Laureles (The Laurels) by Linda Ronstadt from the Album Canciones de mi Padre
  • Goin' Down to Laurel by Steve Forbert from the Album The Best of Steve Forbert: What Kinda Guy?
  • Goin' Down to Laurel by Steve Forbert from the Album Solo Live in Bethlehem
  • The Laurel Tree by The Bothy Band from the Album Old Hag You Have Killed Me
  • Twisted Laurel by Robert Earl Keen from the Album Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions (Deluxe Edition)
  • Nothing Ever Hurts (feat. Laurel) (Radio Edit) by Shadow Child from the Album Nothing Ever Hurts (feat. Laurel)
  • Goin' Down to Laurel by Steve Forbert from the Album Alive on Arrival
  • El Laurel by Carle Trepat from the Album Manuel Quiroga Llora La Guitarra
  • Mountain Laurels by Rogue Valley from the Album Geese in the Flyway
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Books about Laurel:

  • Laurel - Jan 17, 2015 by Susan F. Craft
  • Saving Laurel Springs (A Smoky Mountain Novel) - Sep 29, 2015 by Lin Stepp
  • Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock-and-Roll's Legendary Neighborhood - May 1, 2007 by Michael Walker
  • Loved By You (A Laurel Heights Novel Book 10) - Dec 29, 2013 by Kate Perry
  • Medieval Tales of Romance - Jun 1, 2015 by Colleen Gleason and Jackie Ivie
  • Cherished Protector of Her Heart - Aug 28, 2015 by Laurel O'Donnell
  • The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book: A Guide to Whole-Grain Breadmaking - Sep 9, 2003 by Laurel Robertson and Carol Flinders
  • The Harp and Laurel Wreath: Poetry and Dictation for the Classical Curriculum - Mar 1999 by Laura M. Berquist and Christopher J. Pelicano
  • Holding Out for a Medieval Hero - Aug 21, 2015 by Laurel O'Donnell and Elizabeth Rose
  • Tapping In: A Step-By-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources Through Bilateral Stimulation - Jan 1, 2008 by Laurel Parnell
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Movies about Laurel:

  • Laurel & Hardy in Flying Deuces - 19392010 NR CC
  • Laurel Canyon2003 R CC
  • Laurel and Hardy: The Music Box1932 NR CC
  • Laurel and Hardy: Another Fine Mess1930 NR CC
  • The Best of Laurel and Hardy (In Color)2014 NR
  • Laurel and Hardy: Tit For Tat1935 NR CC
  • Laurel and Hardy: Them Thar Hills1934 NR CC
  • Laurel and Hardy: Sons of the Desert1933 NR CC
  • Laurel and Hardy: Towed In A Hole1935 NR CC
  • Laurel and Hardy: Busy Bodies1930 NR CC
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Wiki information Laurel:

  • Laurus nobilis
    Biological Species, Food, Organism Classification, Ingredient

    Laurus nobilis is an aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub with green, glossy leaves, native to the Mediterranean region. It is one of the plants used for bay leaf seasoning in cooking. It is known as bay laurel, sweet bay, bay tree, true laurel,...

  • Laurel wreath

  • Laurel
    City/Town/Village, Dated location, Statistical region, Location, HUD Foreclosure Area, HUD County Place

    Laurel is a city in northern Prince George's County, Maryland, in the United States, located midway between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore on the Patuxent River. Founded as a mill town in the early 19th century, the arrival of the Baltimore & Ohio...

  • Laurel Awards
    Award, Award category

    The Laurel Awards were cinema awards to honor pictures, actors, actresses, directors and composers. This award was created by Motion Picture Exhibitor magazine, and ran from 1958 to 1968, then 1970 and 1971. The Golden Laurels were determined by...

  • Laurel
    City/Town/Village, Statistical region, Location, Newspaper circulation area, HUD Foreclosure Area, Dated location, Capital of administrative division, HUD County Place

    Laurel is a city in Jones County, Mississippi, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 18,548. Laurel is the principal city of the Laurel Micropolitan Statistical Area. Its major employers include Howard Industries,...

  • Nissan Laurel
    Automobile Model

    The Nissan Laurel is an automobile which was produced by Japanese manufacturer Nissan from 1969 to 2002. It was introduced in 1968 as a new model designed to slot above the 1968 Datsun Bluebird 510, with the same sense of luxury found in the Nissan...

  • Lauraceae
    Biological Family, Organism Classification

    The Lauraceae are the laurel family, that includes the true laurel and its closest relatives. The family comprises over 3000 species of flowering plants in over 50 genera worldwide. They occur mainly in warm temperate and tropical regions, especially...

  • Black Canary
    Comic Book Character, Person Or Being In Fiction, Film character, TV Character, Fictional Character

    Black Canary, alias of Dinah Lance, is a fictional superheroine in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by the writer-artist team of Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, the character debuted in Flash Comics #86. One of DC's earliest...

  • Mount Laurel Township
    City/Town/Village, Dated location, Location, Statistical region

    Mount Laurel is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey, United States, and is an edge city suburb of Philadelphia. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township's population was 41,864, reflecting an increase of 1,643 from the 40,221 counted...

  • Laurel forest

    Laurel forest, also called laurisilva or laurissilva, is a type of subtropical forest found in areas with high humidity and relatively stable, mild temperatures. The forest is characterized by broadleaf tree species with evergreen, glossy and...

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