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Masatada Expression, Masatada Soul Urge, Masatada Inner Dream

Numerology information Masatada:

  • Name Number: 6. Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice

Books about Masatada:

  • The Confessions of Lady Nijo - 1973 by Nakanoin Masatada no musume
  • The Confessions of Lady Nijo - Jun 1, 1973 by Lady Nijo and Karen Brazell
  • Lady Nijos Own Story: The Candid Diary of a 13th Century Japanese Imperial Court Concubine - Jun 1974 by Wilfred Whitehouse and Eizo Yanagisawa
  • Towazugatari (Koten no tabi) (Japanese Edition) - 1990 by Taeko Tomioka
  • Towazugatari (Kanyaku Nihon no koten) (Japanese Edition) - by Nakanoin Masatada no Musume
  • Kochu Towazugatari (Shintensha kochu sosho) (Japanese Edition) - by Nakanoin Masatada no Musume
  • Musashino, kusa no ne kara no gyokaku (Japanese Edition) - by Masatada Tsuchiya
  • Yamanoue no Okura, Shiga no ama no uta gunron (Japanese Edition) - by Masatada Watase
  • The truth of the universe (of compliments Mayor Jiang Hong Masatada) (FF41)(Chinese Edition) - Jan 1, 2000 by WU JIN NING
  • Book of Changes Masatada(Chinese Edition) - Jan 1, 2000 by FENG MING
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Wiki information Masatada:

  • Masatada Tsuchiya
    Politician, Person

    Masatada Tsuchiya is a Japanese politician who has been a member of the House of Representatives of Japan since the September 2005 general election. He resigned his position as mayor of Musashino, Tokyo in order to run against the Deputy President of...

  • Masatada Ishii
    Soccer Midfielder, Football player, Measured person, Athlete, Person

    Masatada Ishii is a former Japanese football player.

  • Masatada Yamasaki
    Person, Deceased Person

    Masatada Yamasaki was a gynecologist and president of Kumamoto Medical College. He wrote The history of medical education in Higo and Yokoi Shōnan. After retirement, he travelled in Okinawa.

  • Masahiro Makino
    Award Winner, Film director, Person, Deceased Person, Film writer, Topic

    Masahiro Makino was a Japanese film director. He directed more than 260 films, primarily in the chanbara and yakuza genres. His real name was Masatada, but he took the stage name Masahiro, the kanji for which he changed multiple times.

  • Kujō Masatada
    Family member, Deceased Person, Person

    Kujō Masatada, son of regent Mitsuie, was a kugyō or Japanese court noble of the Muromachi period. He held a regent position kampaku from 1487 to 1488.

  • Amari Masatada
    Deceased Person, Person

    Amari Masatada was a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku period of Feudal Japan. The son and successor of Amari Torayasu, he was a senior retainer of the Takeda clan of Kai Province, and ranked among one of Takeda Shingen's 'Twenty-four Generals'....

  • Fujiwara no Masatada
    Deceased Person, Author, Person

    Fujiwara no Masatada was a Japanese poet. He was the first son of Fujiwara no Kanesuke, among the Thirty-six Poetry Immortals and the grandfather of Murasaki Shikibu. Kiyotada was his younger brother. He married a daughter of Fujiwara no Sadakata;...

  • Masatada Makino
    Actor, Person, Topic, Film actor

    Masatada Makino is an actor.

  • Masatada Yamasaki
    Content, Image

  • Yendo Masatada

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    Masatada Tsuchiya - Politician Masatada Ishii - Athlete Masatada Yamasaki - Public Figure
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