Meaning : Musa is a name used predominantly in Arabic and Turkish languages and means 'child' or 'born of'., Drawn out of the water,

Origin : Persian, Arabic, Egyptian, Hebrew, Turkish,

Pronunciation : (MYUW-sah), MOO sa,

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Musa Expression, Musa Soul Urge, Musa Inner Dream

Numerology information Musa:

  • Name Number: 9. Meaning: Divine, God, Goodness, Truth, Unconditional love, Gift, Free will, Ideal, Whole, Endless

Additional information Musa:

  • The name Musa is actually the Arabic version of the biblical name Moses. It is mainly used in Turkish, Arabic and Hebrew speaking countries. Moses is the biblical character who led the Israelites through Egypt and passed on to them the Ten Commandments from God, this is where the Hebrew origins originate from.
  • Arabic Meaning: The name Musa is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Musa is:
  • Muslim Meaning: The name Musa is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Musa is: The Biblical Moses is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.
  • Egyptian Meaning: The name Musa is an Egyptian baby name. In Egyptian the meaning of the name Musa is: Of the water.
  • Arabic, Turkish and Persian form of MOSES

Definition funny of Musa:

  • Musa is a profit from God
  • Look at that smile! looks just like Musa's Omg! look he's so gorgeous, he's got be a Musa.
  • In 2001 Korea released a film titled "Musa or as The Warrior for the English speaking countries. This movies was a great success in Asia.
  • it is ma name
  • Hey you heard about musa damn that nigga funny
  • I hate him he's such a Musa!!
  • the girl was a right musa with me last night

Expression information Musa:

  • People with this name tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and to have magnetic personalities. They are usually humanitarian, broadminded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity. Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on. They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick-tempered.

Soul information Musa:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire for order and physical creativity, and want to be involved in conventional, safe activities.

Songs about Musa:

  • Musa Rea by Edmundo Rivero from the Album Viejo Baldío
  • Musa (Radio Edit) by Andrew Rayel from the Album A State Of Trance Year Mix 2013
  • Linda Uthandaze (Glorious God & Musa Mvelase) by Musa Mvelase from the Album Baphiwe Umusa, Vol. 1 (Glorious God & Musa Mvelase)
  • Webaba (Glorious God & Musa Mvelase) by Musa Mvelase from the Album Baphiwe Umusa, Vol. 1 (Glorious God & Musa Mvelase)
  • La Musa by La Musa Project from the Album Shine
  • We Hear Your Voice (feat. Andy, Ana Victoria, Ehsan Aman, Ishtar, Sung Bong Choi, Liel Kolet, Momo Loudiyi, Sonu... by Shani from the Album We Hear Your Voice (feat. Andy, Ana Victoria, Ehsan Aman, Ishtar, Sung Bong Choi, Liel Kolet, Momo Loudiyi, Sonu Nigam, Igor Nikolaev & Naser Musa) - Single
  • Indian /Arabic Contemporary Drum Solo (feat. Naser Musa) by Karen Barbee & Samer Issa from the Album Mastery and Mystery Belly Dance Music Presented By: Karen Barbee
  • Miami Chiling (feat. Dayami La Musa) by Osmani Garcia from the Album Miami Chiling (feat. Dayami La Musa)
  • Musa (Original Mix) by Andrew Rayel from the Album Zeus / Musa
  • Musa Venit Carmine by The Mediaeval Baebes from the Album Mirabilis
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Books about Musa:

  • The Divine Comedy: Volume 1: Inferno (Penguin Classics) - Dec 31, 2002 by Dante Alighieri and Mark Musa
  • The Divine Comedy, Vol. II: Purgatory - Feb 5, 1985 by Dante Alighieri and Mark Musa
  • Mansa Musa and the Empire of Mali - Mar 26, 2013 by P. James Oliver
  • The Divine Comedy, Vol. 3: Paradise - Feb 4, 1986 by Dante Alighieri and Mark Musa
  • The Portable Dante (Penguin Classics) - Jul 29, 2003 by Dante Alighieri and Mark Musa
  • Dante's Inferno, The Indiana Critical Edition (Indiana Masterpiece Editions) - Jun 22, 1995 by Dante Alighieri and Mark Musa
  • Vita Nuova (Oxford World's Classics) - Jul 15, 2008 by Dante Alighieri and Mark Musa
  • The Decameron (Signet Classics) - Dec 7, 2010 by Giovanni Boccaccio and Mark Musa
  • The Italian Renaissance Reader (Meridian S) - Nov 13, 1987 by Julia Conaway Bondanella and Mark Musa
  • The Forty Days of Musa Dagh (Verba Mundi) - Jan 31, 2012 by Franz Werfel and translated by Geoffrey Dunlop and James Reidel
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Movies about Musa:

  • Musa: The Warrior2012 R
  • Musa-warrior2003 Unrated
  • MUSA-武士-
  • Musa The Warrior
  • The Warrior aka Musa
  • Musa: The Warrior2003 NC-17
  • MUSA: The Warrior2001
  • God Does he left Africa''? [DVD] (2010) Musa Dieng Kala NR
  • Musa The Warrior2001
  • Musa-der Krieger Se2001
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Wiki information Musa:

  • Musa al-Kadhim
    Imam, Deceased Person, Family member, Person

    Mûsâ ibn Ja‘far al-Kâdhim, also called Abul Hasan, Abu Abd Allah, Abu Ibrahim, and al-Kadhim, was the seventh Shiite Imam after his father Ja'far al-Sadiq. He is regarded by Sunnis as a renowned scholar, and was a contemporary of the Abbasid caliphs...

  • Banana
    Fruit, Ingredient, Food, Organism Classification, Drug dosage flavor, Drug ingredient

    The banana is an edible fruit, botanically a berry, produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. In some countries, bananas used for cooking may be called plantains. The fruit is variable in size, color and...

  • Musa
    Biological Genus, Plant Disease Host, Organism Classification

    Musa is one of two or three genera in the family Musaceae; it includes bananas and plantains. Around 70 species of Musa are known, with a broad variety of uses. Though they grow as high as trees, banana and plantain plants are not woody and their...

  • Musa I of Mali
    Monarch, Deceased Person, Noble person, Person

    Musa Keita I was the tenth Mansa, which translates as "King of Kings" or "Emperor", of the wealthy West African Mali Empire. At the time of Musa's rise to the throne, the Malian Empire consisted of territory formerly belonging to the Ghana Empire in...

  • Cooking plantain
    Food, Ingredient, Organism Classification

    A plantain, or cooking plantain, is one of the less sweet cultivated varieties of the genus Musa whose fruit is also known as the banana. Plantains are typically eaten cooked, sometimes along with their leaves and fibers, and are usually large,...

  • Ali al-Ridha
    Man, Deceased Person, Person

    ‍ '​Alī ibn Mūsā al-Riḍā also called abu al-Hasan is commonly known as Ali al-Ridha descendant of Prophet Muhammad and the eighth Shia Imam after his father Musa al-Kadhim and before his son Muhammad al-Jawad; and was an Imam of knowledge according...

  • The Warrior
    Action Film, Film, Identity, Topic, Netflix Title

    Musa, released as both The Warrior and The Ultimate Warrior in English-speaking countries, is a 2001 South Korean epic film directed by Kim Sung-su, starring Jung Woo-sung, Ahn Sung-ki, Joo Jin-mo and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. The semi-historical...

  • Musa bin Nusayr
    Man, Deceased Person, Person

    Musa bin Nusayr served as a governor and general under the Umayyad caliph Al-Walid I. He ruled over the Muslim provinces of North Africa, and directed the Islamic conquest of the Visigothic Kingdom in Hispania.

  • Ahmed Musa
    Soccer, Football player, Athlete, Measured person, Person

    Ahmed Musa is a Nigerian footballer who plays as forward for Russian club CSKA Moscow and the Nigeria national team. He is known for his pace, dribbling, composure, versatility and defensive effort. He has been compared to Jesus Navas and Arjen...

  • Musa × paradisiaca
    Organism Classification

    Musa × paradisiaca is the accepted name for the hybrid between Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. Most cultivated bananas and plantains are triploid cultivars either of this hybrid or of M. acuminata alone. Linnaeus originally used the name M....

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