Meaning : A diminutive form of the name Sarah, meaning 'princess'., Princess,

Origin : Hebrew, English,

Pronunciation : SAY-dee  , (SAY-dee), SAY dee,

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Sadie Expression, Sadie Soul Urge, Sadie Inner Dream

Numerology information Sadie:

  • Name Number: 2. Meaning: Partnership, Sense, Other, Passive, Assistance, Acceptance, Intimacy, Peace

Additional information Sadie:

  • Sadie is a name with English origins. The name Sadie is a variation of the name Sarah and both mean Princess. The most common nickname for Sadie is Sayde.   Sadie Hawkins is a musician and singer as is Sadie Ama. Sarah Louise Delany (known as Sadie) was a civil rights activist and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander was the first woman of African American descent to get her PhD.   “Sadie, Sadie” is a song about a married lady sung by Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl. Sadie is a character on the television shows Emmerdale, Family Affair, and Grey’s Anatomy. users who like the name Sadie tend to like old-fashioned names of English and Irish origins.
  • Sadie, originally considered a pet form of 'Sarah', is now generally accepted as an independent name.
  • Hebrew Meaning: The name Sadie is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Sadie is: Princess.
  • American Meaning: The name Sadie is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Sadie is: Princess.
  • Spanish Meaning: The name Sadie is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Sadie is: Mercy. Derived from one of the Spanish titles for the Virgin Mary (Maria de las Mercedes).
  • English Meaning: The name Sadie is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Sadie is: princess; or Mercedes: mercy.
  • Diminutive of SARAH

Definition funny of Sadie:

  • That sadie kid is fucking awsome.
  • You are such a sadie!
  • Boy 1: Hey, did you hear about that new girl? She is really beautiful and funny. Boy 2: Duh, her name is Sadie. Boy 1: Did you hear the Beatles have a song called "Sexy Sadie"? Boy 2: Duh, all Sadie's are sexy.
  • "She is one Sadie"
  • "Sadie is so weird, but i like her."
  • "Man, did you see Sadie?, ooft, I so would" "Yeah, but she was a cheeky bugger, but yeah, she was fineeee as usual"
  • I really like this girl but I don't think she's on a Sadie level just yet.

Expression information Sadie:

  • People with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. They are trustworthy, respecting the confidences of others, and make excellent diplomats, mediators and partners. They are often very intuitive. They like detail and order, and often find change worrisome. They may sometimes feel insecure or restless.

Soul information Sadie:

  • People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.

Songs about Sadie:

  • Little Sadie - traditional
  • Sadie - Alkaline Trio
  • Sadie - Joanna Newsom
  • Sadie - Suede
  • Sadie, the Cleaning Lady - John Farnham
  • Sexy Sadie - The Beatles
  • Sadie by Son Seals from the Album Nothing But The Truth
  • Sadie by Spinners from the Album New And Improved
  • Sadie by Spinners from the Album The Best Of Spinners
  • Sadie by R. Kelly from the Album 12 Play
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Books about Sadie:

  • Sadie (Alpha Series #1) - Dec 15, 2013 by E.L. Todd and Kris Kendall
  • This Is Sadie - May 12, 2015 by Sara O'Leary and Julie Morstad
  • Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps It Real and Stays True to Her Values - Jul 28, 2015 by Sadie Robertson and Beth Clark
  • My Sweetest Princess Sadie: My Sweetest Princess - Nov 11, 2014 by Igloo Books Ltd, Igloo Books Ltd
  • Sadie The Ladybug - Aug 17, 2009 by Jenny Cross and Lisa Bohart
  • Sadie: The Paper Crown Princess - May 20, 2012 by Amanda N. Evans and Mandy Newham
  • Sadie and the Snowman - Feb 1987 by Allen Morgan and Brenda Clark
  • Sadie's Sukkah Breakfast - Sep 1, 2011 by Jamie S. Korngold and Julie Fortenberry
  • Sadie and Ori and the Blue Blanket (Passover) - Aug 1, 2015 by Jamie Korngold and Julie Fortenberry
  • Sadie in the Land of Dancing Colors - Jun 15, 2014 by Amanda N. Evans and Mandy Newham-Cobb
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Movies about Sadie:

  • Sadie2008 NR CC
  • Sadie Thompson (Silent) NR
  • The Joan Crawford Collection, Vol. 22008 Unrated
  • Miss Sadie Thompson1954 NR CC
  • Hollywood Legends: Rita Hayworth - 4 Movie Collection - Music in My Heart - Down To Earth - Tonight and Every...2015
  • Barre3 Burner with Sadie Lincoln2012
  • Sadie's Complete Bellydance Guide2009 NR
  • Dynamic Drum Solo: Technique & Choreography With Sadie2009 NR
  • Sadie Thompson1928 NR
  • barre3 Studio Shape with Sadie Lincoln - 60 Minute Studio-like workout by barre 3 studio shape with sadie lincoln
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Wiki information Sadie:

  • Sadie
    Hard rock Artist, Musical Group, Musical Artist

    Sadie is a visual kei rock band from Japan, formed in 2005. Sadie is signed to Face Music and Mijinko Records.

  • Stanley Sadie
    Music critic, Author, Chivalric Order Member, Deceased Person, Person, Award Winner

    Stanley John Sadie, CBE was an influential and prolific British musicologist, music critic, and editor. He was editor of the sixth edition of the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, which was published as the first edition of the New Grove...

  • Sadie Frost
    Actor, Celebrity, Film producer, Film actor, Influence Node, Organization founder, Person, Measured person, Identity, TV Actor

    Sadie Liza Frost is an English actress, Producer and Fashion designer, who currently runs fashion label Frost French. She set up her own Film Production Company Blonde to Black Pictures in 2011.

  • Sadie Robertson
    Actor, Musical Artist, Featured artist, Person, Topic, Musician, TV Personality

    Sadie Carroway Robertson is a reality television star on the A&E show Duck Dynasty. She is the granddaughter of Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander. Her parents are Korie Howard Robertson and Willie Robertson, the company's current CEO. She is...

  • Naturally, Sadie
    TV Teen Drama, TV Program, Topic

    Naturally, Sadie is a Canadian comedy teen drama sitcom that ran for three seasons from June 24, 2005 to August 26, 2007. Although set in Whitby, Ontario, it was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, with school and home scenes shot inside a former Catholic...

  • Susan Atkins
    Writer, Author, Person or entity appearing in film, Topic, Identity, Public figure with medical condition, Family member, Deceased Person, Person

    Susan Denise Atkins was a convicted American murderer who was a member of the "Manson family", led by Charles Manson. Manson and his followers committed a series of nine murders at four locations in California, over a period of five weeks in the...

  • Josephine Earp
    Dancer, Film story contributor, Person, Deceased Person

    Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp was the common-law wife of Wyatt Earp, a famed Old West lawman and gambler. She met Wyatt in 1881 in the frontier boom town of Tombstone, Arizona Territory, when she was living with Johnny Behan, sheriff of Cochise County,...

  • Sadie Thompson
    Silent Film, Film, Netflix Title, Adaptation, Award-Nominated Work, Topic

    Sadie Thompson is a 1928 American silent drama film that tells the story of a "fallen woman" who comes to Pago Pago on the island of Tutuila to start a new life, but encounters a zealous missionary who wants to force her back to her former life in...

  • Sadie J
    Children's TV Program, TV Program

    Sadie J is a BAFTA-nominated British children's television comedy-drama series about a girl named Sadie Jenkins, who is described as "the only girl in a boys' world" because she is surrounded by her Dad Steve, his apprentice Keith, her brother Danny,...

  • Sexy Sadie
    Composition, Cataloged instance

    "Sexy Sadie" is a song by the Beatles, written by John Lennon in India and credited to Lennon–McCartney.

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